Techsol Corporation: Offering Domain Rich, Regulatory Compliant, Accelerated and Cloud Enabled Techn

Subbaraju Sagi, CEO & MD
Techsol Corporation offers a full range of Clinical Development, Safety/Pharma covigilance and Healthcare Analytics technology services that enhance Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), Phase I clinic automation, Data Warehousing and Analytics, Medical Information and Triaging Management, Drug Safety Database, Signal Detection and Management and Mobile Process Solutions. “All of our services are focused on compliance, validation as per the GAMP5 specifications and more importantly addressing ROI of the customer,” notes Sagi.

The company also delivers a range of services like—Regulatory Compliant Cloud/SaaS, Cloud Set-up/Configuration/ Customizations, Solution Implementation/Up-grade/Data and Systems Migration, Service Desk for Long Term Application Support and Solution Development. “We partner with life sciences companies to address the challenges in the clinical development, medical information and post marketing drug safety surveillance areas by offering simplified solutions, accelerators based consulting services and cloud based solutions,” explains Sagi.

The company was instrumental in developing MedInquirer, a fully integrated, end-to-end Medical Information and Inquiry Management System (MIMS), designed to collect and manage all types of medical information requests. It also facilitates seamless integration with existing safety system and product complaint management system to triage, and respond all types of medical information requests including Adverse Events (AEs) and Product Complaints (PCs). The solution is also available on the cloud in SaaS model as well as on premise implementations.

Unlike its competitors, Techsol stands out with understanding the customer challenge, delivering solutions with customer satisfaction by utilizing the proprietary and strategic business solution and tools.

We offer simplified technology driven solutions; accelerators based consulting services and cloud based solutions to life science companies

One of Techsol’s success stories was to make the process of post market surveillance lean, integrate sub processes, there by achieving higher regulatory compliance for a large pharmaceutical company. Techsol’s experts designed an end-to-end integrated and regulatory compliant cloud solution that seamlessly streamlined the entire process from identifying the incoming inquiries until the regulatory submission and enabling signal management, in record time with the help of data migration tools, solution accelerators and lean project delivery models.

Techsol is a people driven organization. “We understand the advantages of bringing the skilled individuals with different backgroundsand ideas together. Embracing diversity helps us built creativity, understand the market challenges and be more creative,” explains Sagi. This philosophy has helped the company and the employees grow together time and time again.

Going forward, Techsol continues to focus on expanding their footprint by offering accelerators and cloud enabled solutions within the Life Sciences industry to newer process areas like Technology driven triaging and medical information services, Enterprise Quality Management Systems (EQMS), Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), Sales Talent and Performance Management, Professional Service Delivery Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Mobile application development, and other related strategic, niche solutions.

Techsol Corporation

Pittsburgh, PA

Subbaraju Sagi, CEO & MD

Technology service provider for the Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical,Biotechnology and Healthcare Provider industries