TECSYS Inc. : Driving Visual Insight into the Supply Chain Matrix

Robert Colosino, Vice - President, Marketing & Business Development
Accuracy and timeliness are of the utmost importance for a company catering to the supply chain industry. However, existing business infrastructures do not live up to the need to stay parallel to the changing pace of technological environment. Every technology update leads to software upgrade challenges that make the overall supply chain operation hectic and inefficient. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, TECSYS, a pioneer in the supply chain management industry, helps to overcome these dilemmas with its robust platform that allows easy infusion of complex techniques into its customer’s supply chains. This creates a flexible infrastructure that would meet the demands of accuracy, timeliness and technological modernization.

Robert Colosino, Vice President of Marketing at TECSYS, says, “CIOs today either want tremendous flexibility that allows them to adapt to their businesses or they want it to be a sturdy technology that will have a longer life span. At TECSYS, we deliver these requirements as solutions."

TECSYS was founded in 1983 with a vision to enhance the supply chain life cycle using its unique combination of industry expertise and supply chain technology platform. The firm’s cloudbased solutions include visual content, directing users to access critical information and execute tasks to fulfill their operational objectives. “Often technology requires you to read. Our technology allows you to gain visibility and take immediate action,” asserts Colosino. TECSYS renders a visual approach to Supply Chain management that drives efficiency in its ability to deliver visual instructions using real-time imagery. It cuts down the learning curve, addressing directly operation- al inefficiencies, and as a result saving time and money for the client.

The company’s supply chain management platform is a flexible visibility technology that enables real-time and personalized views of the overall enterprise data.
All solutions offered by TECSYS are integrated on this single platform that empowers clients to advance their own solutions and technologies and significantly improve their inhouse supply chain operations and efficiency. “Our goal is to provide, not only features and functions organizations need, but also the most collaborative platform that they can enhance themselves and add their own set of tools to meet their business objectives,” reckons Colosino.In addition to WMS, TECSYS provides – ‘distribution management software’ equipped with real control over the supply chain operation from order fulfillment to demand planning to financial management for even the most complex operations.

Our goal is to provide not only features and functions organizations need, but a platform to enhance their own set of functions and features to meet their business objectives

In spite of being a cloud solution provider, TECSYS’ solutions are also delivered to run on premise driving increased efficiency and accuracy to each client. “There is no one size that fits all. We strive to offer choices in our solutions to our clients. Be it on-premise or cloud, we follow the same principle and our solutions can be deployed for both,” asserts Colosino.

For the future ahead, TECSYS’ focus is on continuing to enrich its supply chain platform and foresees to expand its client coverage beyond North- American borders. “We will continue to invest in technology to provide enriched customer experience. Also, we are driving our technological and human capital capabilities to become increasingly intuitive and accessible by our clients,” concludes Colosino.



Robert Colosino, Vice - President, Marketing & Business Development

Provides cloud-based solution catering to supply chain and warehouse management to increase operational efficiency and technological advancements.

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