Tectonic: Driving Expertise in CRM and Big Data with Insight to Action

There are a multitude of consultants in the Salesforce ecosystem that have more years of experience implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but what distinguishes Tectonic is their use of Big Data & Analytics in conjunction with CRM to help companies shape customer behavior.

“Companies who turn data into actionable insight and then are able to effect customer behavior will have a strategic differentiator in the next two to three years. We are focused on helping companies do this quickly and effectively,” says Blair Linville, CEO, at Tectonic. The company offers superior capability in areas of Big Data & Analytics, CRM, and marketing automation— holistically integrating all of the pieces together to fuel business outcomes.

A large portion of Tectonic’s capability is built around the insight to action continuum, which draws insights about customers and turns them into actionable strategies.“A sizeable part of our team is a group of technology advisors who understand how to combine Big Data with CRM to bring a unique service offering to the marketplace and help our clients connect with their customers more effectively,” remarks Linville. “We have 60+ custom Salesforce1 platform developers, who not only configure but also build custom applications on the Salesforce1 platform in conjunction with deployment of a CRM,” reveals Linville. This makes Tectonic one of the largest populations of pure developer talent on the Salesforce1 platform.

Tectonic offers deep expertise in building marketing automation and analytic systems, and combines that with proficiency across the insight to action continuum, enabling clients to identify opportunities to structure and implement Big Data solutions. This results in highly effective insights in CRM and marketing automation and allows businesses to connect more deeply and authentically with their customers and in a much more informed and personalized manner.

Companies benefit from Tectonic’s depth of knowledge in insight to action in three key ways:
1) Broad experience building cloud-based customer-focused platforms allows them to quickly deliver end-to-end business outcomes resulting in deep trust at the C-level. 2) Expertise in several vertical markets including healthcare, consumer services and manufacturing.
3) Strong Delivery Capability. Variable pricing options (offshore/ onshore) coupled with certified talent and experience—help to resolve business challenges in a strategic, integrated, effective and cost-efficient manner.

We have 60+ custom Salesforce1 platform developers, who not only configure but also build custom applications on the Salesforce1 platform

Previously, to set up an insight to action system, it took Linville and his team almost three years and an investment of nearly $50 million. Today with the Salesforce1 platform, the same investment in CRM and marketing automation has been brought down to $2 million coupled with a radically reduced delivery timeframe.

A recent case study illustrates the streamlined process and ensuing results. Tectonic developed a system for a luxury retailer to standardize their cross-sell and up-sell recommendations. The retailer was also able to automate their service experience and deliver Big Data analytics and CRM solution in six months for a $2 million price tag. The client's initial challenge was that they needed a 360 degree view of their customer data in a mobile environment. Tectonic delivered a turn-key solution by building a data warehouse rich with customer data and an analytical application that allowed the company to draw insights directly from their customers. The solution also delivered the demand-shaping business process in both a mobile and fixed environment.
Tectonic plans to develop deeper pre-built solutions for vertical markets, including consumer services, healthcare and manufacturing. The solutions will make it quicker and easier for companies to solve insight to action challenges. “We are using our expertise in those vertical markets to create emerging solutions that solve insight to action problems and allow our clients to establish deeper and more valuable connections with their customers,” concludes Linville.


Denver, CO

Blair Linville, CEO

Provides insight to action automation in the cloud at the intersection of Big Data & Analytics and CRM that delivers an integrated approach to automating customer interaction.