Tectura Corporation: Business Intelligence translating to complete retail experience

Terry p etrzelka, Founder
It is not just software reverberations that build successful solutions. In the retail space, solutions that create actionable business intelligence for retailers, ultimately increase profitable customer opportunities.

Tectura delivers a single end-to-end retail ERP, CRM and POS solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics. With easy and simple implementation procedures, these solutions gain tighter control over inventory and the customer centric approach drives ongoing loyalty and business growth.

Tectura’s ERP and CRM solutions for retail are designed to handle the complex business of retail from the initial marketing offer, to point of sale, to warehouse, retail headquarters, corporate office, supply chain and more.Its solutions helps ward off the demands of strong competition from mass market retailers and customers who have more information at their fingertips than ever before to compare, shop and communicate in a digital realm.
Built on Microsoft Dynamics, it is powerful insight into all aspects of retail business, including sales analysis, trending, customers, inventory management, margins and costs, and merchandise management.

Tailored to help manage the entire retail operations, from POS to warehouse management, Tectura’s solutions enable simplified management of delivery, improved warehouse management reducing warehouse costs and increased customer loyalty.

Tectura’s team of skilled Microsoft Dynamics implementation consultants focus on operational excellence to streamline processes, eliminate inefficiencies, increase productivity and improve decision-making. At Tectura, more than implementation, the focus is towards providing the complete retail experience, and enabling clients capitalize on their entire value chain.


Pleasanton, CA

Terry p etrzelka, Founder

Tectura provides implementations of ERP,CRM and POS solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics.