TEGSOFT: Moving the Business Forward, While Bringing Customers Closer

Tuba Gursoy, Co-Founder
“It is not too uncommon for us when our clients ask us, what is the difference between a call centre and a contact centre,” delineates Tuba Gursoy, Co- Founder, TEGSOFT. As an organization hailing from the contact centre domain, this difference holds a great meaning for Istanbul, Turkey based TEGSOFT. “An organization can get a lot more from the vendors in the contact centre space. This encompasses not only voice, but email, text chat, and web interfaces to communicate with clients or customers as well,” adds Tuba. The solution developed by Tegsoft engineers is Web-based, which allows companies to interact with their customers via different communication channels such as Voice, E-mail, SMS and Web-Chat. The platform that supports over 25 languages, allows customers to manage all these communication channels from a single user-friendly interface.

With CRM as bedrock, adding more channels and features across our platform is a plain sailing task for us

TEGSOFT has introduced contact centre products in the domain of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which allow customers to have the call-history in front of them whenever they receive a call from their client. “A customer can know the date and time of the previous conversation they had, along with the texts and chats that were shared, and thee-mails that were exchanged in the past—via a single web based screen,” says Tuba. The information obtained in the event of inbound call also includes IVR DTMF choices and queue wait time. Since the products are built on the CRM infrastructure, multiple channels offered by the company work seamlessly across customer are operating devices.
“With CRM as bedrock, adding more channels and features across our platform is a plain sailing task for us,” adds Tuba.

The voice campaign man¬agement provided by TEG¬SOFT consists of two mod¬ules for automatic outbound dialling. The first component governs ‘Unattended Cam¬paigns’, using IVR scenar¬ios for calling. Other over¬sees ‘Attended Campaigns’ in which agents are used for calling activities. “The employed agent handles preview, progressive and predictive calls, campaign calls and originated outbound calls during Attended Campaigns,” says Tuba. The vision of the company is to add all of the telecom¬munication products in their portfolio of solutions. In this line, TEGSOFT has introduced Request and Complaint Management Module integrated with their contact centre solutions, which as-sess the issues faced by the users across different channels. Due to their platform’s resiliency and prominence, various organiza¬tions have chosen TEGSOFT as their contact centre partner to optimize their operations.

An insurance company dealing with agriculture and livestock insurance came to TEGSOFT in an effort to build a ‘geographical link’ between their employee and onsite location. “During the event of an accident, an employee is assigned by the insurance company to assess the situation,” explains Tuba. TEGSOFT enacted an automated call system that provides brief information to the client via IVR framework. The company also aided one of their clients from Mortgage industry to manage counterfeiting of loans. “The client’s job was to reach to people who were behind in their loan payment,” describes Tuba. However, reaching out to numerous individuals was becoming an expensive and time-consuming task for the client. TEGSOFT’s Outbound Dialling mechanism helped the client in arranging the contact list based on their availability. It allowed the customer to contact the individuals in faster and effective fashion.

TEGSOFT will be releasing WebRTC embedded new core engine, which will empower the company to receive calls from the social media platforms. Expanding to new geographies in the coming time is also on the to-do list of TEGSOFT.


Istanbul, Turkey

Tuba Gursoy, Co-Founder

Provider of contact centre products, built on the framework of CRM, which includes inbound and outbound call management, web based chatting, and requirements management, among others.