Tekdynamics: Bridging Business and Technical Gaps to Strengthen Transformation

Narasimha Bhogavalli, Founder and CEO
Since the turn of the century, the wave of digital transformation has gradually taken over numerous business processes across industry sectors. In the wake of COVID-19, digitalization has become a priority for firms, enabling them to maintain an operational continuum despite emerging disruptions. However, innovating and transforming deeply-rooted business processes come with inherent risks like hindering day-to-day operations or increasing the attack surface for the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

De-risking digital transformation journeys by bridging the gap between technology innovations and business processes through its two-decade business and technology expertise is Irving, Texas-headquartered Tekdynamics. The company’s clientele comprises satisfied customers across multiple markets, including AT&T Wireless, Rogers Canada, Goodman Networks, Department of Homeland Security, CenturyLink, and Neiman Marcus.

“We blend our management consultant, data analyst and software developer expertise to become a partner that readily relates to a client’s prevalent issues and delivers tailored solutions that ensure consistently positive outcomes,” says Narasimha Bhogavalli, founder and CEO of Tekdynamics.

Since its inception in 2000, Tekdynamics has a proven track record of helping businesses cope with the problems posed by a continuously evolving technology landscape. Over the years, the company has delivered a suite of software and applications that have helped their clients digitize and automate their business processes. Today, it offers IT and computer software services designed to support SMBs in effectively transforming their core business processes, deploying IT systems in a cost-effective manner, and integrating new solutions within existing infrastructures, as well as boosting enterprise application design, development, and support capabilities.

Most midcap businesses have a product or service that has proven itself in the marketplace and there is potential for growth, but their growth is often limited or hindered due to a lack of efficiency in their processes. Digitization and automation deliver operational efficiencies, which in turn enable growth and profitability. Digitization is an uphill task due to their limited technical expertise. Tekdynamics addresses this through its expertise and a seamless client engagement methodology, which begins by interacting with the office of the CIO and other senior line of business managers and their direct reports. Through these communications, it gains a deeper understanding of a firm’s operations, critical paths, operations, efficiencies, or the lack thereof.
Having gained such insight and understanding, Tekdynamics is then able to design, architect, implement, and maintain IT systems that align with the organization-specific needs of a customer.

We blend our management consultant, data analyst and software developer expertise to become a partner that readily relates to a client’s prevalent issues and delivers tailored solutions that result in consistently positive outcomes

At the heart of this competency is Tekdynamics’ Hybrid team of business and data analysts, management consultants, and software application developers that together leverage their cumulative expertise to assist clients in achieving a digital transformation. The company’s seasoned experts provide referrals and case studies to showcase the benefits of replacing an incumbent system with a new solution and offer insights that help IT teams transform their operations to ensure impactful outcomes.

Highlighting Tekdynamics’ unmatched competencies are success stories in engagements such as the one with the Department of Homeland Security and the one with Goodman Networks. The latter is a Texas-based provider of Telecom Network Services. Tekdynamics played a critical role in improving their data management capabilities across various organizational silos. Initially, due to disparate solutions, Goodman Networks’ IT managers struggled to unify critical datasets on time, hindering their ability to provide detailed network performance reports to the C-suite. Once onboarded, Tekdynamics created a unified data warehouse and deployed powerful analytics that markedly enhanced the client’s ability to receive and share crucial information. By replacing their cumbersome approach to data management with state-of-the-art data warehousing, robust analytics, and user-friendly dashboards, Tekdynamics enabled Goodman Networks to minimize revenue losses while maximizing the scaling of their operations.

Tekdynamics aims to continue leveraging its comprehensive industry and technical know-how to help more businesses reap the benefits of streamlined digital transformation.


Irving, TX

Narasimha Bhogavalli, Founder and CEO

Tekdynamics provides Information Technology and Computer Software Services to SMB (Small and Medium Business) Enterprise customers, including IT Systems Integration, IT Enterprise Applications, Design, Development, Deployment, and Support