Teknikos: Unlocking the Value of Trust

Jason Hartman, CEO
Every industry has its own set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to engaging with customers and presenting a viable brand image. As customers demand self-service and seamless interactions with brands, organizations across all industries stand in need of reliable solutions that mirror all aspects of the customer journey. Inspired by such ambitious goals, Teknikos delivers robust solutions which account for the physical space, hardware, software and users, helping organizations reach their target audience and improve communications effectively. Following a unique cross-disciplinary approach, Teknikos helps customers realize their ideal end-state with a solution-lead approach, backed up with world-class creative and user experience, engineering services and hardware through deployment and support.

Accredited by Microsoft as its top Windows commercial app development partner, Teknikos has demonstrated its proven expertise in delivering quality solutions that help their customers and partners realize technology goals in different capacities. “By leveraging internally-tested and proven methods, platforms, and hardware, we provide innovative ideas to our clients to solve their business challenges, enabling them to go after their moonshot,” says Jason Hartman, CEO of Teknikos.

As a market maker and ideas company, Teknikos helps clients realize their technology goals and achieve business aspirations. “We engage our clients with industry-transforming solutions leading them to new heights and delivering impactful work through creative, engineering, deployment, and support,” says Hartman. The core differentiator of Teknikos lies in the way they harmonize the relationship between people, technology, and the physical space. The firm has built a cross-disciplined team of creative and engineering services that work together to deliver a great customer experience. Typically, Teknikos utilizes a multiphase engagement strategy targeted at bringing ideas to market with speed and precision. The company’s strategy takes clients from an idea or a challenge, through discovery, conceptualization, to prototype and through delivery while constantly monitoring KPIs and adjusting outputs. This enables Teknikos’ clients to reduce costs, win at a rapid pace, generate higher ROI, and uncover new line of business opportunities.

We are uniquely positioned to lead our customers to, and through their digital transformation delivering impactful and evocative work

Teknikos’ extensive partnership with Microsoft has always been on the Emerging Technology side. “I started Teknikos because in my previous role as a CIO I could not find a wholistic partner that truly met the mark-part of our offering has always been around leading with Microsoft-we’ve been committed to that approach ever since inception in 2004.” Furthermore, leveraging Microsoft’s partnership, Teknikos has also created the ‘Connected Room’, solution which synchronizes the disparate systems within a hotel property improving the guest experience across devices. The company’s new Azure-based solution, S.H.A.R.E., leverages Microsoft Surface Hub and integrates seamlessly into standard broadcast systems and workflows.

Hartman cites a hospitality customer that drove operational efficiencies and significant cost savings by converting paper-based processes and materials to a digital ecosystem. Teknikos delivered the client with an industry-first solution in which a custom application is pre-loaded onto custom-built Windows tablets. Digital, cloud-based assets are easily updated quickly and at less cost than printing, and can be immediately distributed for global reach. Notifications and usage tracking keep the customer in touch with their users, empowering them to build stronger relationships, reduce friction from day-to-day transactions, and drive efficiencies across digital workflows.

Signaling their true commitment to being partner led and partner obsessed, Teknikos is known for their ability to deliver evocative work and developing fierce client loyalty and trust. “Our relationship with Microsoft is really a cornerstone of our foundation. We are the partner that wants to be first—first to leverage their latest hardware and software in innovative ways and first to deploy,” affirms Hartman.


Hatfield, PA

Jason Hartman, CEO

Committed to being an ‘Ideas Company’, Teknikos strives to generate and execute transformative ideas in the digital space