Tekscape: Streamlining Digital Transformation

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Dave Smith, Founder & CEO
As the age of innovation continues to percolate deeper in businesses, traditional IT solutions and processes are becoming incapable of remediating today’s organizational challenges. Enterprises, therefore, are continually trying to upgrade their antiquated IT architecture with new and improved cloud-based solutions. However, keeping up with the rapid pace of digitalization is turning out to be a costly proposition for companies, as they have to invest significant capital for renovating the outdated IT infrastructure. “For most small to medium-sized enterprises (SMBs), this becomes a big stumbling block in their path toward digitalization,” states Dave Smith, a veteran in cloud computing and networking arena. To tackle this problem, a number of managed services providers (MSPs) have emerged today with a promise to offer enterprise-grade IT software and infrastructure as a service, employing an operational expenditure (OpEx) model. Leading these all-round IT services providers from the front is NY-based Tekscape.

“While we started in 2007 as technology solutions resellers, today, we have emerged as one of the most dominant MSPs, helping enterprises across all verticals adapt to the ever-evolving facets of modern IT technologies,” says Smith, founder and CEO of Tekscape. Ranging from workforce collaboration and cloud migrations to network assessment, Tekscape offers a multitude of IT services to streamline a company’s day-to-day operations, affordably. The services vary depending on the client’s specific needs, but, in essence, the functionalities include operations management of networks, IT systems, and collaboration technologies.

Smith notes, “Our capabilities lie in designing, implementing, and managing IT solutions that help a company in their digital transformation journey.”

We have emerged as one of the most dominant MSPs, helping enterprises across all verticals adapt to the ever-evolving facets of modern IT technologies

The leading-edge MSP also offers a comprehensive cybersecurity framework for clients to ensure that its business-critical data is safe in the cloud. Together with that, Tekscape empowers clients by providing enterprise-grade solutions like Microsoft Office suite and Azure at a nominal, monthly subscription fee.

Smith attributes Tekscape’s success to its team of dedicated IT professionals that offer round the clock customer support, continually monitoring clients’ IT infrastructure and detecting threats and issues preemptively. Tekscape’s customer-centric approach can be best elucidated through one of its client success stories. A Manhattan-based cleaning services company, having a workforce of 5000 employees, was facing trouble maintaining the time sheet of all its employees manually. “The company was using weekly time cards and had no presence of technology in their operations,” states Smith. Identifying the setback, Tekscape seamlessly migrated the client’s operations to the cloud and streamlined their data management capabilities. Furthermore, Tekscape provided the customer with hosted voice platforms to help them scale their business throughout the country with ease. “Today, along with on-going support services, we continue to provide the client disaster recovery services as well,” informs Smith.

Such success stories act as Tekscape’s constant motivation to improve their managed services further. Tekscape sees 2019 as a year to further advance their IT services and solutions. “Alongside, we are also spending a lot of energy, time, and money on building new engineering, accounting, and management teams to support our clients’ revenue streams. Above all, a major part of our roadmap for the next three years will focus on enhancing our clients’ overall experience with us,” concludes Smith.


New York, NY

Dave Smith, Founder & CEO

Tekscape is an industry leader in advanced technology services, focusing on a results-oriented, business-minded approach to incorporating client’s technology solutions and management needs. Rising above the competition, the engineers at Tekscape have a unique ability to map business processes and technology in order to maximize a customer’s return on an IT investment. The company’s expert engineers provide high-level network integration, voice over IP solutions, server, data center and cloud architecture. Tekscape designs, implements, and supports a client’s technology based on their objectives so that they can reduce operating expenses, increase employee productivity, and focus on the core business