Teksouth: Simplifying Data Drive Culture Transformation to Optimize Business Performance

Steve Wilsher, Founder, Staff Ouderkirk, CEO, Dr. Steve Minkin, President
In this age of data and analytics, enterprises are accumulating tons of data and are storing it at an unprecedented scale. Agencies will encounter challenges as they integrate their data for analytics and other activities. Data transformation for analytics can take days, risking an organization’s ability to utilize data to make decisions in a timely manner. Companies need to transition from their legacy data integration system to a more modernized, future-ready and scalable data architecture in the cloud to overcome these challenges. However, for the organizations that run within the government, leveraging the potential of this data has remained at the edge of their reach. Many federal establishments still use legacy systems that consume a substantial amount of time and money to extract valuable data. The high cost of replacing these systems is a major hurdle for these organizations. Many are unable to make the transition to something more modern and deliver actionable business intelligence on their data. In light of these challenges, data and analytics experts, Teksouth offers a unique solution. Being a powerhouse in the Microsoft space for over 30 years, the company excels at working with a client’s existing legacy systems instead of replacing them. Using the latest in Microsoft technologies, Teksouth ensures successful data driven culture transformation for their clients.

Teksouth’s expertise with Microsoft technologies positions them to provide robust analytics for everything from business activities planning, change analysis, to process optimization. In order to generate real-time business insights, make data-driven decisions, increase flexibility, improve customer experience, and reduce costs, organizations must be able to leverage all the components of Microsoft’s analytics and business intelligence suite. As Dr. Steve Minkin, President of Teksouth puts it, “Decision making is driven and supported by facts. Therefore the need for robust, timely, and accurate management information is of utmost importance.” Since its inception, Teksouth Corporation has provided quality customer-centric IT service and Microsoft based solutions to enterprises that need to elevate the use of their data. With Teksouth’s EntelliFusion™ and Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS), the company enables businesses to analyze and model data at the speed of business. With the EntelliFusion™ architecture in particular, Teksouth provides an infinitely scalable support system for decision-makers. Clients achieve seamless data exchange while improving the quality and timeliness of the information.

Decision making is driven and supported by facts. Therefore the need for robust, timely, and accurate management information is of utmost importance

Needless to say, the company has over the years, been their clients’ premier data partner to improve policy results and outcomes, exceeding their needs in real-time and within budget.

Dr. Minkin remembers one such client, who migrated their entire data repository from an old legacy system to a new one. During the data migration process, the client lost its organic capacity to carry out any detective work or forensics on the historical data sets. To resolve the client’s problem, Teksouth was able to take the numerous feeds from the client’s systems and build a solution using Microsoft technologies of tools. Teksouth went through a very deliberate business rule discovery process with the client. The data relationships and business rules changed when they had switched to a new system, which meant that Teksouth had to work with the customer to dovetail new business rules with the rules from legacy system. Based on Teksouth’s partnership with that customer, they were able to develop those business rules quickly and within a few months, Teksouth was able to provide them with a solution to reclaim their data analytics and reporting. The client now sees a 1600 to 1700 percent return on investment after using the suite of tools, developed and implemented by Teksouth.

Moving forward, the company is broadening its offerings to integrate unorganized financial, GIS, inventory and SCADA data from the water and wastewater management industry. Teksouth is in the process of integrating data from that industry into structured datasets. They have also collaborated with companies that are familiar with the water and wastewater industry. Every month, Teksouth hosts a free webinar on data analytics for the water and wastewater management industries. Along with their industry partners, Teksouth continues to help the water and wastewater industry unlock their data’s potential to save money and increase ROI for their customers.


Gardendale, Alabama, United States

Steve Wilsher, Founder, Staff Ouderkirk, CEO, Dr. Steve Minkin, President

Teksouth Corporation is a technology services firm specializes in data management, business intelligence and decision support, custom application development, and performance management. It has designed and delivered large, global business intelligence systems, yet is flexible enough to work with smaller firms that are only starting to discover what a true technology partner can do to enhance the bottom line