Telcare: Creating New Advances In Patient Care

CIO VendorAndrew Flanagan, CEO
Diabetes is among the most prevalent chronic conditions today. The traditional healthcare delivery model lacks timely access to actionable patient data and is ill-equipped to deliver effective, ongoing diabetes management. With legacy disease management offerings, reliance on stale, self-reported data from patient diaries, continues to undermine effective diabetes care.

A new approach to patient care has been realized by Telcare. Founded in 2008, Telcare has pioneered the development of the first cellular blood glucose meter that enables people with diabetes to easily check and automatically submit personal data so their entire clinical team has timely and actionable information. This FDA cleared device is central to the firm’s innovative approach to diabetes management. The meter allows people living with diabetes to submit blood glucose readings anywhere. The device can access a cellular network and it’s easy to use with no cables, modems or additional hardware. By supporting two-way messaging, personalized, contextual communications can be delivered right on the meter’s screen. The opportunity to provide timely feedback-ranging from encouragement to helpful advice on preventing avoidable health setbacks - allows clinicians to make interventions when they can have the greatest positive impact on behavior.

Focusing on Prevention and Coordination

Telcare supports sharing critical health data with family and friends as another lever to enhance coordination of care and prevent setbacks in health. The goal of prevention is also furthered by pushing relevant educational content to meter users.
Telcare has successfully partnered with both national and regional health plans, as well as provider organizations, and self-funded employers. By enabling timely clinical interventions, unifying the circle of care, and integrating into an organization’s broader disease management strategy, Telcare helps customers realize improvements in their population’s health.

Taking a Holistic View

Telcare supports sharing critical health data with family and friends as another lever to enhance coordination of care and prevent setbacks in health

Telcare continues to focus on building a comprehensive platform for treating diabetes. Andrew Flanagan, CEO of Telcare explains, “Giving individuals and their care teams a rich tool kit that focuses on proactive care is central to our mission, as we understand the importance of taking a holistic view of the patient.” Telcare also plans to continue delivering innovative patient engagement capabilities and build on its success in diabetes management, by developing similar capabilities to support other prevalent chronic conditions. With this holistic view in mind, Andrew adds, “This strategy will enable us to reach a broader population and more effectively address the complex needs of individuals with co-morbidities.”


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Andrew Flanagan, CEO

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