Telco Systems The Network Cutting Edge: Going Beyond Connectivity with Streamlined Edge Computing

Ariel Efrati, CEO
The invaluable benefits of edge computing, which brings to the table secure prioritized connectivity, remote management of disaggregated devices and network components, and the enablement of near-field critical application gateways, are hard to ignore for decisionmakers; and for very good reasons. Telco Systems showcases these merits with a definitive measure of computing efficiency that holds the potential to create a manageable, agile, and cost-efficient infrastructure of IT services at scale. More importantly, edge computing networks created through such infrastructures pave the way for a comprehensive visualization environment, allowing decision-makers to derive meaningful, actionable insights for their business.

Telco Systems’ Edgility validates that flexibility is crucial to providing customized solutions to multiple customers. By expanding its service portfolio beyond traditional network modalities, Edgility simplifies the management of SD-WAN connectivity. The company works in the edge computing space to develop communication software products with increased operational efficiency. Bolstered by their business model built around software as a service (Saas), the company addresses low latency requirements, enhancing active management of network components as well. The development cycle upheld by the firm automates the management of 100s of 1000s of devices across the IT infrastructures deployed across different branches of a client’s network.

With a combination of edge and agility, Edgility includes an operating system, Edigility OS, and Edgility Central, a MANO (Management and Orchestration) layer, which are optimized for maximum resource utilization. EdgilityOS is high in performance with a small footprint operating system that turns any white box into a fully operational edge device; whereas the MANO system allows easy management of multiple and disaggregated edge devices and applications. The combination of Edgility OS and Edgility Central enables the effortless management and control of all endpoints hosted on a network.

“We simplify the development of any service by creating a secure control layer for operation management, administration of edge devices, and the application software they’re running,” says Ariel Efrati, Telco Systems CEO.

EdgilityOS provides zero-touch-provisioning of edge devices, reducing manual intervention by external entities. Edgility’s operating system enables low power consumption, supporting hybrid, virtualized, and containerized service applications from any vendor. Customers have the freedom to choose not just the hardware but the also any network function that they require.
Speed-to-delivery for customers is achieved by eliminating the complexities usually associated with DevOps processes of managing numerous physical devices across different sites. For enterprises and operators, Edgility supports the management of large amounts of data processed at the edge.

Edgility supports any application from any vendors to facilitate future functions such as nextgeneration firewalls, or any custom, purposedriven functionality.

One of Telco Systems’ clients, CityFibre, The UK’s largest independent carrier-neutral Full Fibre platform, on track to carry out a digitalization initiative, sought to expand their offering by using onprem edge devices as a launchpad for value-added services, and needed a management and operation platform to streamline all their processes for edge devices at remote sites.

We simplify the development of any service by creating a secure control layer for operation management and administration of edge devices and the application software they’re running

CityFibre selected Edgility to efficiently deploy, manage, and operate hundreds of thousands of customer edge devices and a multitude of virtual services at scale across multiple sites, supporting throughput levels up to 10Gbps, from a central location. Edgility’s small footprint operating system is able to efficiently run multiple virtual services on CityFibre’s choice of low-power-consumption edge device, which also delivers significant carbon reduction as well as a 60% lower total cost of ownership. Edgility provided them with zero-touch provisioning and automated the infrastructure update process, enabling them to simplify and streamline edge device deployment and lifecycle management.

True to many such successful collaborations, Telco Systems strives to build sophisticated virtual networks powered by resourceful edge devices. By solving issues of latency, pricing, security, and realtime data, the company redefines network technologies for global enterprises, communications providers, and system integrators. Telco Systems stands at the frontline of this transformation era, armed with a broad range of connectivity-based services.

Telco Systems The Network Cutting Edge

Mansfield, MA

Ariel Efrati, CEO

Telco Systems is the leading provider of vendor-neutral hybrid edge compute solutions. Telco Systems’ Edgility Open Hybrid Edge platform, provides a vendor-neutral open architecture, enabling service providers and large enterprises to deploy software solutions and utilize white-box appliances from any vendor

Telco Systems The Network Cutting Edge