TelcoAlert: Enhancing Telecom Monitoring and Load Testing

Randy Pollestad, President
Behind every customer inquiry call is a desire to be attended to faster and have issues resolved quicker. Each call transfer, call hold, or inability to connect increases wait time and exacerbates customer frustration.

TelcoAlert is helping businesses resolve these challenges by ensuring their telecom system is seamlessly working at all times. Leveraging its robust telecom monitoring and load testing solutions, TelcoAlert enables the smooth handling of customer query calls and delivery of exceptional customer experience by ensuring full load operability of interactive voice response (IVR).

“Our clients have improved uptime and reduced outages of IVR systems, implementing a reliable call center that fosters customer satisfaction and retention,” says Randy Pollestad, president at TelcoAlert.

TelcoAlert’s clients can address consumer complaints swiftly and provide immediate and satisfactory responses with a well-monitored and tested IVR infrastructure. They can rest assured that their lines are always reachable to consumers and the right greetings are played. In contrast to internal monitoring options, TelcoAlert’s cloud-based checks originate externally and mirror the normal customer experience to provide proactive alerts regarding telecom connectivity, issues during the call interaction, and making sure their IVR technologies are ready to go when needed. .

The IVR monitoring solution allows businesses to easily and cost-effectively monitor their IVR and call center systems. Regular checks are performed between specified times to enable the detection of issues before they can pose a problem to the IVR or call center systems. Using dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) tones, speech synthesis, and speech recognition technology, TelcoAlert’s solution makes real-time phone calls to the client’s IVR system to measure and report what is being delivered and validate the system’s reliability and functionality.

The agent monitoring services, tied to TelcoAlert’s IVR monitoring umbrella, bring transparency into agent queues. Businesses can easily track customer hold queues and monitor every individual agent as they interact with customers.

The validation of line capacity provided by TelcoAlert’s IVR load testing allows clients to determine the request-handling capability of call centers.
A peak number of calls are simulated remotely through the public telephone network to test the client’sphone system to its limits. The frequency of calls is monitored, along with the nature of each call and how long the agents are connected with customers. Clients can determine the exact capacity and scale up or down accordingly to handle calls without outages.

The company’s unique IVR mapping capability stems from the challenges faced in the manual documentation of IVR call trees. TelcoAlert’s IVR mapper acts as a spider that crawls through the web of the client’s IVR system to automatically document all IVR trees and call flows within minutes. A blueprint of all IVR calls gives clients a clear picture of daily IVR calls. Clients can review each IVR node for audio playback and download the diagram of their IVR tree in PDF format via its interactive web portal.

Our clients have improved uptime and reduced outages of IVR systems, implementing a reliable call center that fosters customer satisfaction and retention

TelcoAlert is enhancing the customer experience for government, healthcare, insurance, and banking businesses with these unmatched competencies. The case study of an insurance company working with TelcoAlert’s IVR monitoring and testing solutions is a good example. To test their newly hired carrier’s capacity to take calls in a day, they leveraged TelcoAlert’s IVR load testing solution. After the test, it was discovered that the carrier could take 500 calls from the allotted line of 3000. They optimized their system proactively and avoided potentially large repair and maintenance costs.

TelcoAlert is making these success stories possible with the belief that its IVR monitoring and testing product range is the beginning of an exciting future roadmap in enhancing IVR software and effective customer retention. Clients can sign up for a 14-day free trial and start monitoring their lines within five minutes.

TelcoAlert is on a mission to educate businesses regarding the importance of IVR monitoring and facilitate the necessary makeover to process consumer requests and service calls without any performance issues.


San Diego, California

Randy Pollestad, President

TelcoAlert, specialized in providing cloud-based IVR monitoring and testing solution. The IVR monitoring solution empowers clients to have a proactive way to avoid system outages, and ensure smooth and responsive customer service. It uses speech-to-text technology and DTMF navigation to make real phone calls to both clients’ call center and IVR system