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Chet Thaker, CEO
Creating a clear strategy for optimizing costs, while running things as smoothly as possible, is what any enterprise aims to achieve. Founded in 1988, TeleBright Software offers solutions that are “scalable but also flexible” in providing a great customer experience and desired business outcomes for its clientele. “We are a safe bet for our clients in terms of the technology and the support that we can deliver,” comments Chet Thaker, CEO of TeleBright Software.

Built on an extensive and interesting set of industry experiences, Rockville, MD-based TeleBright focuses on creating the most efficient centralized expense management solutions for telecommunications, IT, and energy in the commercial and government sectors. Being distributed on the GSA Schedule 70, TeleBright runs on the AWS platform, providing a high level of data security and enterprise-level robustness.

Utilizing the benefits of a redundant cloud-based infrastructure, the company’s ManageRight suite provides a 360-degree view of telecom expense management (TEM), wireless lifecycle starting with custom mobility procurement portals, IT services, as well as a brokerage for telecom related services and tools. “Every active device or service is going to generate a bill item; which, collectively, can become overwhelming to the client. We verify every line item on your bill, against the contract, to identify discrepancies that you can quickly act upon,” explains Thaker.

ManageRight can help identify the gap between client’s usage plans versus the actual usage. Mobile Data usage can be controlled and focused on official work activities, by excluding roaming access to social media sites when employees are not on Wi-Fi. What’s more, by incorporating workflow automation and extensive reporting capabilities into ManageRight, TeleBright can provide analytics down to the user level that delivers “a comprehensive overview and, in turn, a unique customer experience to the CIO,” states Thaker. TeleBright provides clients with usage validation and cost allocation for their employees (sending out thousands of e-mails) on a monthly basis; hence creating awareness of, and accountability for, the real costs they are incurring for the company.

We verify every line item on your bill, against the contract, to identify discrepancies that you can quickly act upon

TeleBright’s unique value proposition is also reflected in their line-testing process. It identifies the phone lines for removal or re-use by dialing each line and analyzing either the human or the machine signals received within the response to the call. “Not only do we build an inventory of the line assets, but we do the dialing to verify and validate that these are assets that you should be paying for,” explains Thaker.

A classic example of TeleBright’s customer stories involves a client who spent over $2.5 million a month on telecom services while managing over 20,000 mobile devices. “A fair amount of chaos can build up from this volume,” asserts Thaker, “and just paying the incoming invoices on-time becomes the challenge.” With TeleBright, the client found a way of questioning, managing, directing, selecting, and improving the cost performance of their services, a duty now handled entirely by only two of their employees.

Turning to the future, TeleBright is looking to delve more into the voice activation technology, which would make voice approval and forwarding of invoices possible. Moreover, on the horizon of constantly emerging AI, machine learning, and pattern recognition solutions, the company intends to add their two cents into the play, by creating a pattern analysis engine to provide CIOs with more insight into how their customers are using their services. “We want to remain the go-to partner for managing and optimizing our clients’ telecom costs for better overall business outcomes,” concludes Thaker. “We walk the talk and our customers are happy with what we do, which is the most important thing.”

TeleBright Software

Rockville, MD

Chet Thaker, CEO

TeleBright Software is the leading provider of centralized assets and expense management solutions for telecom and IT for organizations in both commercial and government sectors

TeleBright Software