Telecommunication Software, Inc.: Extensive Contact Center Solutions Provider

Markus Meixner, CEO
Being the most important “mediator” to build customer relations, contact centers insist on mature, fair-priced, and innovative solutions to alleviate service issues like inconsistent experience, impersonal service, poor knowledge management, and missing self-help options. Telecommunication Software Inc., a robust telecommunication software solutions provider enables contact centers to improve customer interaction experience dramatically through personalizing services, tracking interaction data, and by providing an unlimited number of knowledgebase connections.

The company offers a SIP-based contact center solution, samwin contact center suite, which enables the call center agents to process callers efficiently, supporting the daily processes and avoiding call flows. “It can be frustrating for customers if it takes too long to get connected. The wait time increases due to factors such as inefficiency in verifying identity and service entitlement. The samwin suite fixes this problem by automating the identification and entitlement process,” says Markus Meixner, CEO, Telecommunication Software Inc. samwin also helps in collecting customer information like asset information, preferences, demographics, language, so that their calls can be automatically routed to resources required for that particular skill matrix. The suite also alienates interaction inconsistencies caused due to multiple touch points such as phone, chat, and remote support.

“samwin contact center is build around the customers of our customers to provide a unique caller experience,” says Meixner. The samwin suite contains a browser-based configuration tool and an extremely powerful and flexible IVR engine, which creates self-automation solutions, alarming services, customer identification services, and many more. The samwin contact center suite IVR system allows extensive customer scenarios to be mapped easily on a single central solution. Complex call flows can be configured efficiently by a simple GUI. “Also for advanced users, we are providing a script language (LUA) to create voice-enabled software programs,” he adds.

The suite features an integrated voice mailbox.
The voicemail system enables voice messages to be sent to the appropriate employee via SMTP email for example. This helps the employee to maintain an overview of all the activities in his own mailbox. The voice-mail system can also be accessed internally or externally by phone. It can be incorporated directly into all solution scenarios.

samwin is the contact center choice of several thousand customers in the world. “One of the outstanding installations we performed this year was the central service-center development for the Danish government,” says Meixner. The Danish municipal administrations faced management issues due to the large number of agents and heavy call load from Danish citizens and a thousand different services. By creating a service center, samwin enabled the client to achieve a range of features like multi-language support, stable and resilient operation, full SAP integration, and configuration services. Also, currently, the well-known fashion label, Hugo Boss is operating all of its service lines with samwin. “We integrated samwin in their head offices in the U.S. and Europe. It benefited Hugo Boss to achieve a product for their external contact center, internal help lines, and attendant console services,” claims Meixner.

samwin contact center suite enables the call center agents to process callers efficiently, supporting the daily processes and avoiding call flows

Telecommunication Software is looking forward to ex¬pand its market position year over year. “We have a clear goal to improvise contact center solutions. We are also finding ways to integrate multi-media in the contact center process, that will provide agents and callers with an enhanced interac¬tion experience,” concludes Meixner.

Telecommunication Software, Inc.

Miami, FL

Markus Meixner, CEO

A telecommunication software solutions provider that enables contact centers to improve customer interaction experience.