Teleios Systems: Rapid Deployment of Business Solutions

Ronald Hinds, Chairman & CEO
Over the last few years, Microsoft’s solutions in the enterprise arena are witnessing a slow shift in focus from on-premise technology to solutions that harness the power of the cloud and mobility. Solution providers are facing challenges today when it comes to making this shift to embrace the cloud and the mobility that the cloud enables. The significant shift to any-time, any-where on any-device computing, on the consumer end, and the consequent growth seen in micro-transaction based services, demands a complete overhaul for existing business models. To make the most out of this change, companies are forced to realign their business strategies and technology investments to provide the highest value for customers. Teleios Systems is a company that helps their clients in securing this for the end-user. “Mobility and the cloud have forced solution providers to differentiate themselves from the competition. Recurrent usage is now more important than the initial sale,” says Ronald Hinds, Chairman and CEO of Teleios Systems. Embracing Microsoft’s philosophy of “Mobile first, Cloud first,” the firm has designed a host of offerings for clients to leverage Microsoft cloud platforms better.

Teleios QuikWorx is a Microsoft cloud-based platform that helps in creating solutions that run on the Microsoft cloud effortlessly. The platform caters specifically to Microsoft Partners and solution providers and helps them to build and deploy business solutions for Office 365. With this platform, the Microsoft partner ecosystem now has the ability to quickly deliver relevant solutions highly targeted to customers’ needs without requiring a significant investment in scarce technology resources like highly technical software developers. “Our QuikWorx solution cuts the time taken to create and deploy a solution to SharePoint and Office 365 by at least 50 percent,” says Hinds.

Take the case of a client of Teleios Systems that suffered from long processing times due to the manual nature of the work the client used to undertake. Upon inspecting the workflow and IT infrastructure in place, the team from Teleios Systems noted that the client had invested in Microsoft’s SharePoint solutions. By implementing QuikWorx, Teleios designed and implemented a cost-effective system for orchestrating data and automating the process to the client’s satisfaction.
By leveraging their QuikWorx solution and their customer's existing SharePoint deployment, Teleios Systems was able to reduce the processing time by over 75 percent.

Another offering from this firm is their Mobile Customer Engagement Platform that runs on Microsoft Azure and allows clients of Teleios Systems to leverage mobile devices to engage with end-users. “Our Mobile Customer Engagement Platform allows consumer brands to leverage the power of the cloud and mobile devices along with data analytics to connect with their consumers and create social spaces,” beams Hinds.

“We design our tools to provide solutions to business problems through partnerships that are strategic to our growth and our clients’,” says Hinds. Teleios Systems is able to successfully deliver business solutions and stay ahead in the field by keeping their in-house team of software engineers and business analysts proficient and updated with the latest trends and technologies.
Being cloud-based, the suite of tools and services help Teleios partners in reducing costs, enabling scalability, and improving the responsiveness of the customer’s IT team to address business challenges. By creating new business opportunities and providing increased access to the modern consumer, Teleios Systems is helping their partners in a big way.

Our solution cuts the time taken to create and deploy a solution to SharePoint and Office 365 by at least 50 percent.

For the future, Teleios Systems is focused on improving the skills of all its employees and exploring global partnerships for both its QuikWorx and Mobile Customer Engagement platforms. “We also plan to engage the Microsoft Partner ecosystem to help Microsoft Partners build more Microsoft cloud based solutions to accommodate new and emerging business streams,” concludes Hinds.

Teleios Systems

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Ronald Hinds, Chairman & CEO

Provides services that help its clients to quickly and effectively deploy business solutions that leverage the power of the cloud and mobility.