TelePacific Communications: Proven Connectivity, Cloud and Continuity Solutions

TelePacific Communications has grown for 53 straight quarters depending on word-of-mouth referral earned through the service philosophy championed by CEO Richard Jalkut. “You won’t see us buying stadium naming rights,” he explains, “but you will see us addressing every single customer issue with a singular focus. I personally go over each one in weekly calls. Fully 70 percent of our new business comes from referrals from satisfied customers.”

TelePacific works to make the UC landscape, where numerous protocols, complicated service requirements and scores of niche providers can make for daunting complexities in invoicing and service, a simpler place for its customers. “We offer one-stop and one bill shopping for the Connect, Cloud, and Continuity needs of today’s businesses,” says Jalkut.

The CA-based firm’s leading-edge technology and service expertise combine to offer customized communication solutions that support each business customers’ needs. TelePacific’s innovative SmartVoice SIP services use an advanced telephony platform for call control and a wide range of voice features. “This redundant platform resides in the core of our private IP network, delivering SIP-based voice services with guaranteed performance,” says Jalkut. “Bandwidth is too precious to waste and SmartVoice dynamically adjusts between voice and data as customers’ calling patterns fluctuate to fully use it.”

You won’t see us buying stadium naming rights but you will see us addressing every single customer issue with a singular focus

Another key part of the Unified Communications solutions TelePacific brings is the award-winning OneAir Fixed Wireless TM network that gives businesses the ability to quickly set up secure, performance-guaranteed broadband communications in a powerful, cost-effective connectivity answer that can often be up and running within days. “OneAir is a first option for many businesses. It gives them the ability to compete on an even footing in a marketplace where uninterrupted broadband connectivity is the new dialtone for business success,” says Jalkut.
Richard Jalkut, CEO
“It anchors continuity strategies as well, providing backhoe and natural disaster resistant connections that keep communications, and business, running when cables and landlines go down.” A small rooftop antenna connecting to the OneAir network provides the Ethernet connectivity that is the emerging de facto standard for all types of voice and data communications.

TelePacific is one of the largest communications providers in the West, focusing on business customers anchored in CA, NV and TX. It serves 40,000 customers in every industry, delivering the mix of connectivity, cloud and continuity solutions that are right for each business. An example is a rapidly expanding major Northern California sporting goods retailer with an aging voice infrastructure that was a real problem. They used TelePacific’s OneNet MPLS system for their data needs and wanted to trial run the company’s Hosted PBX solution in their newest store. “We gave them an effective way to leverage the cloud and quickly get a scalable, affordable, and easy-to-implement way to connect their stores, customers, and suppliers–all with secured, guaranteed performance because it runs over our own private network,” says Jalkut. “We’re now expanding to their other stores.”

TelePacific continues to invest in its people and technology. “We know the value of tenured local service personnel, billing accuracy, and call centers in the same time zone as the customer and we couple that with an incredibly broad and deep portfolio,” states Jalkut.

The firm’s technological strength and focus on customer service is also driving tremendous growth in its newest market– Texas. “We’ve fully integrated Texas into our network and brought in top shelf people to serve our customers there,” says Jalkut. Going forward, TelePacific Communications is planning expansions of their OneAir Fixed Wireless service to Texas as part of its Connect, Cloud, and Continuity solutions.

TelePacific Communications

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Richard Jalkut, CEO

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