Teletech: A Customer-Focused Multichannel Communications Solution

Jack Denault, SVP of Sales
With a gradual shift towards cloud-based technologies, most organizations are rapidly incorporating advanced solutions to maximize efficiency and support their clients. Subsequently, there arises an imperative for all business-oriented applications to sustain a multi-tenant architecture. Realizing this need, CIOs are probing extensively for common desktop-level user interfaces, multichannel customer experience solutions, and centralized data analytics with distinct monitoring tools to provide a unified view of their setup. However, the prime challenge that lingers around the Avaya technology arena boils down to delivering proficient customer engagement solutions through appropriate implementation expertise. To address this issue, TeleTech—a global provider of analytics and technology-driven customer experience solutions—offers an integrated platform to simplify interactions and create a deep engagement between people and brands. “At TeleTech, we deliver comprehensive solutions supported by proven technologies to enhance customer management from strategy, analytics and process design to navigating the changing Human Capital requirements of recruiting, training and operational processes—all required to improve customer relations,” says Jack Denault, SVP of Sales at TeleTech Technology.

The Englewood, Colorado-based company takes a multichannel approach in improving customer satisfaction to ensure long-term profitability. Leveraging the virtualized capabilities of Avaya’s Industry leading Avaya Aura® Contact Center application suite, TeleTech delivers its ‘TeleTech Technology Cloud.’ This distinct cloud offering enables CIOs, business leaders and customers to drift seamlessly from an on-premise platform to a feature-rich, cloud-based customer experience solution covering all the latest applications. Its pricing model reflects realistic contact center staffing needs and includes all system maintenance, enhancements and updates. “This allows CIOs to focus on their core business drivers while TeleTech cares for the technology and contact center needs of their business by balancing operational and capital expenses,” elucidates Denault.

Moreover, the firm offers a wide selection of customer engagement solutions to optimize clients’ profitability. Starting from customer experience strategy, customer intelligence analytics, multichannel communications, and SaaS-based customer solutions, TeleTech provides an extensive range of consulting, technology, and customer relationship services.
TeleTech has worked with customer-focused industry leaders from the Global 1000 and has tailored solutions for the automotive, communications, financial services, government, healthcare, and logistics sectors. One of TeleTech’s clients, a leading private label and food services supplier, was growing its trade operations by acquiring complementary companies. Each of the acquisitions had an existing communications infrastructure with dissimilar equipment, networks, and technology providers. As a result, any service related issues presented the challenge of deciding which technology provider to call—causing significant delays in acquisition. In addition, the newly added firms had to deal with towering call charges, and were unable to communicate with the corporate office through any common messaging system. After working with the client, TeleTech developed a system for rapid migration of existing company infrastructure into the corporate Avaya network, solving all their problems.

“We partner with enterprise organizations in the design and implementation of customer experience systems to provide faster service interactions”

Through its distinct contribution in the Avaya technology landscape, TeleTech has delivered effective customer experience outcomes through consistent innovation in analytics and the ability to anticipate customer needs. “We adapt to the changing ways in which customers interact with the companies they do business with by adopting the most current technologies,” explains Denault.

In the past 18 months, TeleTech has made great strides towards expansion by enhancing their customer engagement solutions. Consistent with their diversification strategy, TeleTech will continue to invest in technology differentiation, analytics, cloud and digital marketing. “We deploy the best in technology, design and integration to make it easier for every interaction between various enterprise organizations,” concludes Denault.


Englewood, CO

Jack Denault, SVP of Sales and Kenneth Tuchman, Chairman and CEO

Teletech provides consulting and customer service solutions by specializing on Business Process Outsourcing, Customer Strategy Services, Customer Growth Services, Customer Technology Services and Customer Management Services