Telexy Healthcare: Microsoft Azure and Qpath Streamline Ultrasound Workflow

Don Nisler, CEO/Co-Founder
Technology is instrumental in the evolution of the healthcare industry as decision makers at different levels embrace its value. Today, physicians in emergency medicine, critical care and other areas often struggle with ultrasound workflow, while the ultrasound industry in general has focused on image quality and ultrasound system “bells and whistles”. This is where Telexy Healthcare comes in. Don Nisler Co-founder & CEO, Telexy developed a point-of-care (POC) ultrasound workflow product to address workflow concerns. “It took about 8 months to create the first beta solution that was installed on a server at Massachusetts General Hospital.” This was the first step that Telexy took and it signaled the beginning of Telexy’s solutions in the healthcare industry.

About 6 months later, the Nisler-led Telexy began to tap into the growing POC ultrasound market with its flagship product, Qpath. The product was demonstrated to various hospitals and gradually their market expanded. One of the keys to the rise of Qpath was its ability to attract customers who preferred its Microsoft Azure-based cloud platform. “Customers were open to cloud computing and wanted to avoid the requirement for a local server, storage, and backup,” Nisler explains. Cloud technology had naysayers doubting the security framework, but Telexy’s use of Azure was backed by Microsoft’s extensive knowledge about and commitment to security.

Telexy partners with several ultrasound system vendors to integrate its Qview technology their application running on an ultrasound system allowing physicians to document and approve the exam report, at the bedside, eliminating the need to log into a separate workstation. “This integration significantly improves workflow and interoperability. This was our aim when we started the company,” asserts Nisler.

Without the proper tools, POC ultrasound requires many manual steps associated with ordering the exam, report generation, credentialing, quality assurance, billing, and images storage, but Telexy automates the whole process with Qpath.“Microsoft Azure makes it simple to deploy these applications and eliminates the need for our customers to provide and maintain servers, data storage, and backup,” states Nisler.

Microsoft Azure is providing an infrastructure that allows its customers to tap into high performance computing and storage resources at lower capital expenditures

“Microsoft Azure provides an infrastructure that allows our customers to tap into higher performance computing and lower storage costs,” he adds. Customers do not need to monitor storage capacity or add additional storage as more data is uploaded and saved. Microsoft Azure adapts to a customer’s needs for computing resources and data storage. Data is duplicated across several servers and data centers, ensuring high availability and integrity.

With so much happening in Telexy’s innovation sector, it seems fair to expect success stories and Telexy had an abundance. There is one that stands out; University Of South Carolina School Of Medicine embraced Telexy’s Microsoft Azure-based Qpath platform when it searched for a solution to assist rural physician using ultrasound in their practice. The Qpath cloud-based workflow solution enabled experts at the Medical School to assist physicians performing ultrasound exams and provide the necessary feedback they require. “Microsoft Azure makes it simple to deploy these applications and eliminates the need for our customers to provide and maintain the necessary hardware,” reveals Nisler.

To keep developing innovative solutions, Telexy is making resources available to enhance their current workflow platform. “We are investing time and resources towards healthcare in the areas of workflow, safety, telehealth, analytics, ultrasound education, and research,” affirms Nisler. Telexy also intends to introduce a new Qpath platform that includes a core programmable engine to manage workflow, connectivity, notifications, data analysis, and report generation. Along with developing new products, the company is focused on geographic expansion into new markets like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, and Western Europe.


Maple Ridge, Canada

Don Nisler, CEO/Co-Founder

Telexy Healthcare develops, markets, and sells software applications to optimize workflow in healthcare environment including hospitals, clinics, office parties, and medical schools.