Telit: Unmasking Robust Edge-to-Application Solutions

Oozi Cats, CEO
Considering the ease of wirelessly connecting to the Internet, the increasing speed and data gathering capabilities of today’s computing devices, it is no surprise that machine-to-machine (M2M) conversations will soon exceed human interactions. The silent communication between millions of machines exchanging data every day with no human intervention is testament to the success of the M2M industry. “Yet, there are certain obstacles to overcome the limitations of propriety technology and its relative standards. Bridging the gap between vertical, stove pipe solutions and the horizontal architecture of enterprise environments can be considered as some of the dilemmatic factors,” begins Oozi Cats, Telit CEO. Telit offers best in class cellular, GNSS, short-to-long range wireless such as ZigBee and Sigfox modules plus the mobile connectivity services and application enablement platform to onboard edge devices to the IoT. As an enabler of solutions for M2M and the Internet of Things (IoT), Telit aims to meet the needs of a wide range of regular and location-based applications.

With regional offices in Raleigh, NC, Trieste, Italy, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Seoul, Korea, plus a number of sales and support locations, the company employs different cellular and GNSS chipsets to ensure best-of-breed module-level components, tailored to meet customer requirements. “The chipsets are integrated in different module families that have similar form factor and interfaces. This allows solution future-proofing, enabling modules to be exchanged in customer devices updating them to accommodate changes in compliance requirements and/or other improvements; without requiring any modifications to their application software or hardware,” points out Cats. The market has recently been altering towards the delivery of seamless, ‘edge-to-application’ IoT solutions. So the ability to extend connectivity to the cloud, and to our popular deviceWISE application enablement platform which has been at the center of one of the industry’s best thriving communities, has been a key development. “We own the module’s software stack. That has enabled many innovative developments, like the modules that are ‘cloud-ready’,” says Cats.Embedding the deviceWISE API lets developers connect devices to the cloud very easily. It also enhances performance via the addition of advanced network functionality and ensures the safety of the data before it is transmitted.
Telit has also ventured into the automotive sector. “We deliver rich and real-time functionality and flexible computing platform for vehicles. Our product families include the Automotive Telematics Onboard Platform (ATOP) we recently acquired from NXP and which supports almost all conceivable telematics applications,” says Cats. In addition, it provides the enormous leap in data speeds associated with LTE. ATOP is bolstered with number of features that makes it an ideal platform for vehicle connectivity—robust and ultra-secure application.

We are one-stop-shop offering plug-and-play building blocks enabling robust edge-to application connection solutions to the IoT

Illustrating a case about Road King Technologies, a manufacturer of specialized tracker units that collect accurate information for its clients about trucks loaded with ready-mix concrete. The Telit cellular module enables the data-collection computer to consolidate the time-sensitive ready-mix information from trucks and upload it to cloud servers every 30 seconds. “Road King customers get an eagle eye view of the connected trucks loaded with ready mix, in near real-time via a Web browser—ensuring the timely delivery of concrete,” explains Cats.

Telit provides customer support in 60 countries and additional design expertise—available through its network of sales and support offices while its strategic ambitions are etched to the industrial M2M/IoT sector. “We are one-stop-shop offering plug-and-play building blocks enabling robust edge-to-application connection solutions,” highlights Cats.

What the company plans to do in near future is to continue simplifying IoT system integration efforts with new services and platform enhancements. “Our role in the new IoT economic order is to facilitate the creation of applications through our IoT engine and enable fast deployment and life cycle management of these solutions,” concludes Cats.


Trieste, Italy (R&D) & London, UK

Oozi Cats, CEO

Provider of cellular, GNSS, short-to-long range wireless such as ZigBee and Sigfox modules plus mobile connectivity services and application enablement platform to onboard edge devices to the Internet of Things.