Tellient: Device Analytics for Competitive Advantage

Shawn Conahan, Founder and CEO
Internet of Things (IoT) is turning into a connectivity platform—enabling devices to communicate with each other, end users, and third parties. The silent conversations between millions of machines, exchanging data is encouraging the next generation of customer service, product development, and marketing. For example, a connected refrigerator can directly alert the manufacturer when a specific unit fails. This information could allow them to fix the flaw or replace the part, and perhaps the manufacturer can sell leads to a marketplace of certified technicians thus creating a direct revenue opportunity. Apart from the goodwill that IoT technology would harbor, the San Diego, CA based Tellient was aware of the challenge faced by many CIOs while dealing with a massive wave of data, accompanying the trend. The company helps organizations improve their ROI by lowering costs and identifying new revenue opportunities by turning device data into actionable information.

Tellient’s simple analytics dashboard tuned for device data was built to help potential clients effectively understand how their customers were using the devices. Today, the company’s solutions essentially focused to address the manufacturers and network operators to find ways to help them gain competitive advantage.

All along the value chain, there are various competing standards and protocols for connectivity, communication, data formats, etc., and the dust has not yet settled. “We address a major headache by being completely technology-agnostic— regardless of what chip is present in the device or the operating system, and whether it uses CoAP, MQTT, or HTTPS,” explains Shawn Conahan Founder and CEO, Tellient. The company’s core offering is an extensible analytics engine built specifically for machine data. The solution is a growing collection of algorithms built on scalable technology that transforms data into information. Tellient can receive data directly from the device via a simple code integration, or cloud-to-cloud. “The company’s value proposition is the ability to customize solutions in its plug-in layer. The robust, customizable analytics engine provides every client a dashboard, unique to their situation. We also provide the data feed for integration into third party systems or BI tools depending upon the clients’ requirements,” Conahan adds.
Additionally, Tellient offers an optional modifiable device client library, with a 3k footprint, which enables a manufacturer with even a very constrained device environment to instrument the device code and send the event data to its SaaS platform.

The robust, customizable analytics engine provides every client a dashboard, unique to their situation

Tellient’s solution super-serves sophisticated clients, and also meets the needs of a smaller startup. “We are a young company and most of our work has been for a relatively smaller number of large clients. Delivering Insight-as-a-Service is definitely the right model for the clients we serve, and cost is tied to the amount of data processed so they pay only for what they use,” says Conahan. Tellient’s high value and low complexity approach makes their core system powerful enough to meet the most demanding client needs. Later, pairing it with a set of end-user tools that anybody in an organization (from engineering, product, marketing, and finance) could use to get all the insights they need. Conahan explains, “Manufactures are interested in patterns, trends, and anomalies that allow them to create better products and give their customers a better experience to gain brand loyalty and competitive edge.”

Tellient is all set to unlock new business models especially for chip manufacturers and mobile carriers in the IoT space and forge new paths in analytics. “We soon will be announcing a public portal aimed at the developer community later in the year to make evaluation and adoption easier for our future clients,” concludes Conahan.


San Diego, CA

Shawn Conahan, Founder and CEO

Enables new revenue opportunities by turning device data into actionable information for manufacturers and network operators