TELoIP: Intelligent and Cost-effective Enterprise SD-WAN

Kevin Suitor, CMO
For many modern-day internet service providers (ISP) and IT enterprises, the number one item on their organizational to-do list is to increase IT function processing rates and enhance network security. This calls for a comprehensive and disruptive technology that has the agility of MPLS but is affordable at the same time. “We believe SD-WAN is that disruptive technology,” says Kevin Suitor, CMO, TELoIP. With several patents awarded to its innovation in the SDN space, TELoIP has gone a good step further in catering to the needs of enterprises— enhancing network performance, agility, and efficiency. “Our SD-WAN solutions make enterprise networks simpler and safer to manage business critical operations whether it involves public cloud, IoT, or day-to-day applications,” he adds.

The firm’s Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO), a solution that ties the benefits of SD-WAN and cloud, offers secure, fast, and reliable business networks. The easy-to-install, cost-effective solution combines the agility of SD-WAN with powerful internet optimization. Hosted on carrier-grade, multiple points-of-presence infrastructure, which is efficiently managed on a cloud-based portal, VINO can be easily deployed in multiple sites—a huge advantage for businesses with distributed facilities. “Through multi-carrier link aggregations, we deliver speed and quality to ensure real-time applications like video and desktop sharing work without delays,” notes Suitor. Further, “We also provide intelligent per-packet data distribution—that optimally allocates chunks of data to be shared through multiple sessions—to ensure no drop in video or voice transmission even in the event of a link failure.”

TELoIP distinctly recognizes the security concerns that tag along with the proliferation of IoT and the trend of hosting applications on the cloud. To this end, the TELoIP Portal offers its customers, centralized control of all the end points and controllers to facilitate secure enterprise networks, protecting sensitive data from any type of exploits. IT managers can manage and detect a majority of security threats from a single window, without having to handle multiple security processes.

We deliver speed and quality to ensure real-time applications like video and desktop sharing work without delays

“We enable end-to-end connectivity from branch to branch or branch to data center, where every connection and data flow is being monitored and secured,” states Suitor.

“Whether enterprises need a technology replacement or a head-to-head comparison, we believe that TELoIP has a competitive edge which is compelling to many businesses,” asserts Suitor. To illustrate TELoIP’s proficiency in the SD-WAN space—as a provider and partner—Suitor recalls the success story of California Telecom, an enterprise ISP that delivers high-speed internet, reliable data, application, and managed services to its customers. With a low bandwidth in-house system, the enterprise-class provider of internet, voice, and data transfer services, came across roadblocks that affected their operational outcomes. To overcome the challenge, TELoIP implemented VINO-WAN/SD-WAN solutions equipping the client with SD-Internet, public cloud optimization, along with the TELoIP portal for cloud management and analytics. “We empowered them with 50 MBPS internet connectivity, providing 33 percent faster operations and high ROI within one year,” notes Suitor.

In an age where rapid provisioning of network services and programmability of enterprise networks prove to be pivotal for business growth, TELoIP has been playing a central role in delivering SD-WAN reliability over the past years. Moving ahead, “for 2017, we have several plans in the pipeline that include increasing the number of innate security features in our solutions,” remarks Suitor. In addition, TELoIP is more focused on providing improved analytical insights to their customers in the days to come.


Ontario, Canada

Kevin Suitor, CMO

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