TELWARE: Voice and Video Solution for Business Communication

Mike Canipe, Communication Expert, Solution Design and UC Migration.
Most organizations often fail to provide a better communication channel, resulting in poor feedback or decline in productivity. With the technological advancement, businesses now embrace the new mode of communication. The real-time information sharing within an organization is equally important as much as the need for easy accessibility. Telware imparts solutions in the field of communication which are focused toward businesses in order to serve their daily communication needs.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Telware aims at providing communication solution centered on voice calls, video calls and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The firm is a multi-dimensional solution provider, offering a ranging of service from communication solutions to security solutions to fiber cables and implementation of the same. Telware offers business telephone system, key aspects that enable easy communication and information sharing within an organization’s staff and departments. The VoIP features enables the business to use their internet for voice calling, thus reducing the expenses of traditional phone bills and also allows availability of more telephone lines virtually. Telware partners with other solution outfits to allow its clients to choose from customized products, keeping in mind the requirement of their workforce. “We aim to provide revolutionary solutions regardless of the devices and location, through our partnerships,” says Mike Canipe, Communication Expert, Solution Design and UC Migration, Telware.

Being the authorized partner of Avaya Solutions, Canipe says, “Avaya allows a business to overcome any barrier through its open standard, thus the business itself can choose the solutions depending on the need of the work force.” Avaya’s Communication solution, which includes one X communicator, Office IP, and one X Portal, integrates the process of audio and video conferencing, VoIP and Voicemail into a portable option by its web based and device based software.

We aim to provide revolutionary solutions regardless of the devices and location, through our partnerships

Telware lends assistance to its client in managing the expenditure over communication by switching over to Avaya’s solution. The firm provides solutions in the field of voice, data and video cabling as well as structured cabling for on-the-go information and communication support. Telware uses Avaya solution to manage the client’s existing carrier cost, and then implement the solutions. Post implementation, the solution is reviewed and the annual bill is monitored to observe the cost reduction.

Telware along with Avaya has helped Medical Billing Experts (MBX) in integrating communication throughout its newly acquired sites. The Avaya IP office was implemented in its main branch which was joined by other cities branch through fiber cables and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) circuits. The Avaya IP office and Avaya Communicator software on the computer enabled the employees to make calls through their data service and a large no. of call lines were made available without even installing new telephones. Telware recently helped Charlotte’s affiliates of Habitat for Humanity International in replacing the older telephonic system with the new communication model.

The firm aims at providing solutions within the budget of the clients with lesser or no downtime, thus assuring that quality of service is maintained through its partnership. Telware through its experts and support helps in implementing these solutions to various sectors including banking, health care, education and hospitality to deliver holistic and higher level of accessibility to its consumers.


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Mike Canipe, Communication Expert, Solution Design and UC Migration.

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