Templafy: Breaking ‘Document Anarchy’ with Template Management Software

Many organizations are increasing their efficiency by leveraging online productivity tools available in the market today. However, with a deluge of documents piling up, it has become a complicated task for enterprises to manage and maintain them, which in turn results in roadblocks to an enterprise’s productivity. “Organizations are grappling with the ‘document anarchy’, created by employees and business processes,” says Christian Lund, CEO, Templafy. In order to curb the challenges around controlling the documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, the organizations are in need of a productivity tool that can help them manage their templates with ease.

We are defining a completely new market category around template management

Being in the Template Management space for many years, Copenhagen, Den¬mark-based Templafy delivers a powerful solution to effectively control documents. The company provides the simplest way to manage and share the customers’ templates, ensuring they’re on-brand and personalized for each employee. “We em¬power communication and compliance managers to help their companies stay on-brand, and remove roadblocks for IT Managers wanting to migrate successfully to the cloud,” says Lund. The company takes care of the relentless task of organizing business documents, giving customers time to manage critical issues. “We are de¬fining a completely new market category around template management,” he adds.

Templafy increases productivity of an organization by automatically and dynamically allowing each employee to adapt their organizations’ templates. The company also helps organizations to increase their brand value by keeping all their business documents up to date. The company gives a complete structure for the documents, placing the logo, disclaimer and information according to a common template. “We help organizations to ensure compliance in their documents,” says Lund. The company automates the whole process of generating documents dynamically, allowing the customers to change the templates whenever they want to.
Christian Lund, CEO
“Our solution personalizes business documents for each employee as well,” says Lund. “The accessibility gives employees flexibility and gives the company the capability to ensure compliance across platforms.” The company’s template management software works across different office platforms such as on-premise Microsoft Office as well as cloud based platforms that include Office 365 and Google Drive.

Templafy is strongly acclaimed for assisting its customers to curb the complexities around document management. One of Templafy’s customers had a vast use of documents in their organization. When the customer approached Templafy, they had nearly 9000 unique templates for all sorts of purposes in their organization. At the same time, the customer wanted to enter the visual data space and strengthen the visual identity of their organization. Templafy helped the customer by bringing down the number of templates from 9000 to 25, and also made it easier for the organization to make updates and changes in the templates.

In the competitive productivity software space, Templafy has managed to cement a strong foothold by remaining in sync with the vibrant trends of today. “From cloud migration to Bring-Your-Own-Device behaviour, we remain aware of and responsive to what’s happening in the industry,” says Lund. “Many organizations have begun to leverage cloud platforms for their document production.” The company is well prepared to work with all the platforms that come under cloud.

In the days to come, Templafy will expand its operations globally. The company is also planning to integrate with various concept providers in order to support their customers with their content and remain in sync with their visual and legal standards in the organization. “We intend to enhance our software by partnering with viable image banks and video tool operators,” concludes Lund.

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Templafy Unveils Engage to Power Better Performing Business Content

The content enablement platforms newest solution supports sharing & collaboration, tracking & analytics and e-signing for enterprise business content

Templafy, the leading content enablement platform that aligns workforces and helps people create on-brand, high-performing business content faster, today announced the launch of its newest product, Engage. Engage follows business content (like documents and presentations) beyond your desktop, supporting the next phase of the business content lifecycle in order to help enterprises improve content performance.

An integral part of Templafys content enablement solutions, Engage supports sharing, collaboration and tracking for business content. In a recent study, Templafy uncovered that over 1 in 4 US employees experience some form of document delivery anxiety when sending an important business document out for review. Whether that anxiety stems from lack of insight into when content is being reviewed or concern that content wont be well-received, Engage helps calm these fears by providing transparent delivery and collaboration, and analytics and insights that help improve overall content performance. In an effort to support a connected future of work and ensure a seamless user experience, Engage, like all Templafy solutions, is embedded within the employees workflow, integrating with commonly used enterprise tech applications such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and Salesforce.

Its rare that employees create business content that lives on their desktop eternally. They send it to their boss for input, they share it with potential customers to move a deal along or to a recruitment prospect to grow their team. This content is where business is done, said Christian Lund, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Templafy. We built Engage to support these critical business activities and deliver data around content performance that can be used to measurably improve contents impact, and therefore business results themselves.

Key features of Engage include:

Sharing and Collaboration

• Easily share business content from any business applications that employees already work in (e.g., Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Salesforce etc.) to colleagues and third party recipients

• Build curated collaboration and approval flows using annotations, comments or action points directed at specific respondents

• Send files with no size limitations using unique links that are only accessible by chosen recipients

Tracking and Analytics

• Real-time notifications and insights that offer transparency in the business content review cycle

• Robust document insights dashboard that displays actionable data to ensure better business content performance


• Later this year, Engage will complete its support of the business content lifecycle by offering e-signing capabilities. Engage Sign will support electronic signature capabilities directly through Templafy

Content - like sales proposals, employee contracts and client deliverables and the elements like data, visuals, and disclaimers that live within those documents - is a primary driver of business itself, but often is not treated as such. In order to truly ensure content performs as it should, enterprises need to adopt solutions that enable their content “ that help centrally govern it, improve the process of building, editing and perfecting it, and understand how it is performing and what value it is ultimately bringing to the organization, said Jesper Theill Eriksen, CEO of Templafy. Without these solutions, businesses risk disconnected content which can lead to loss of compliance, brand integrity and employee productivity, and ultimately negatively impact overall business performance. Engage ensures Templafys platform enables business content not just in the creation and editing phases, but throughout the entirety of the business content lifecycle, ultimately leading to better business results.

Pioneering content enablement with a smarter document workflow

To combat the prevalent problem of disconnected content, Templafy is pioneering the content enablement category with a first-of-its-kind infrastructure designed to actively accelerate business performance through connected content. With connected content “ content that is always on-brand, compliant and optimized to drive strong business outcomes - enterprises can ensure their business content does its primary job for the organization: drive business results.

Last year, Templafy introduced Hive, a new iteration of its platform which redefined the typical workflow of creating business content. Hives application-agnostic nature ensures users can begin business content creation from within their CRM system, DMS, SharePoint or within Microsoft Office or Google Workspace as you likely do today, making the process more intuitive from the start. By offering a smarter content creation workflow - connecting all company content across the enterprise applications organizations use to do business and allowing employees to start the business content creation process from wherever they work - Templafy drives true content enablement.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Christian Lund, CEO

Templafy offers IT teams an easy solution to migrate template management to the cloud