Ten Mile Square Technologies: Modernizing Enterprise Architecture

Alden Hart, CTO
According to Alden Hart, CTO of Ten Mile Square Technologies, successful Enterprise Architecture (EA) is rooted in a strong product vision that delivers clear business outcomes.

In today’s digital era, companies want to get more work done quickly, attract new talent, and shed end-of-life technologies and capital expense. “Organizations are ‘getting to the cloud’, but doing that effectively involves architecture and process overhaul,” says Hart. “Technology operations need to up their game to a new level of automation to field successful cloud operations. Cloud architectures are dynamic, requiring sophistication in configuration management, deployment, validation, and monitoring automation that traditional data center architectures don’t.”

Data management spanning multiple, disparate sources is another critical component to achieve utility from the cloud. This often requires new strategies for data masters, authority, and integration. Based in Falls Church, VA, Ten Mile Square Technologies enables clients to undergo true modernization spanning the entire data and technology lifecycle.

According to Hart, EA is a set of practices, not a target state or a technical artifact. “Effective architecture requires all team members to make the right decisions every day. It’s constant coaching, training, and learning.” This means EA needs a transparent and simple decision framework that people can use to make good architecture decisions.

Ten Mile focuses on understanding the core business problems and outcomes, knowing how to design and use services, and considering data as stateful resources—the core of REST. As an example, a major cable TV brand asked Ten Mile to develop an architecture that could easily work across arbitrary content sources without the need for content ingestion and transformation, handled media rights, and could express complex business and partnership arrangements. The TV brand was looking for a solution that made their people’s jobs easier; how to find, use, and bundle media for presentation and packaging. Ten Mile collaboratively designed and built a federated media asset management infrastructure that focused on metadata and data design, with a light “glue” of integration technologies.

Effective architecture requires all team members to make the right decisions every day. It’s constant coaching, training, and learning

The company’s software development engagements deliver technology into production and uplift the client’s internal team capabilities along the way. This involves joint teaming, agile coaching, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) training and tooling, environment builds and validation, test automation, and other current software development lifecycle practices. “We form relatively small and talented teams that work with our client’s people,” explains Hart.

Bridging the technology leadership gap, the company offers Virtual CTO services that include a combination of technology planning and hands-on project execution. Virtual CTO assignments involve team building—advancing a company’s skill sets and participating in the hiring process. “Our goal is to grow sustainable capabilities for our clients after the immediate issues have been addressed,” notes Hart.

Ten Mile’s other practices include Technology Assessment for investment, M&A, integration, and remediation, Product Management services to drive product development, and Connected Hardware. “Connected Hardware builds on the new revolution of ‘pocket Linux’ devices and IoT. It recognizes today’s reality that ‘full stack’ means chip to cloud, not just client and server,” says Hart.

Expanding their software services is something that Ten Mile is deeply interested in. Given the value proposition of its solutions, the company has seen eminent traction and will continue to facilitate digital transformation. “We are hands-on practitioners, but we believe that most of the value we provide is what we leave behind,” concludes Hart.

Ten Mile Square Technologies

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Alden Hart, CTO

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