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Johnson Joseph, President And CEO Every small and medium enterprise (SME) owner launches their venture with a single goal: to thrive. While driven by innovation, start-ups and SMEs often find it daunting to navigate funding opportunities and access the competencies needed to launch, market, and sell their products. This raises the question, "What makes small businesses in major innovation hubs gain a clear head start and achieve success?" The word "hub" in itself holds the answer.

Encompassing a network of investors, partners, and peers and the right resources, a business hub amalgamates the inputs to support SMEs from the ground up. These hubs are hotbeds of ideas for owners and executives to accelerate their growth and build strong community relationships.

This is exactly what Tenet's Cubeler Business Hub™ brings to life.

A subsidiary of Tenet—the parent company of a group of innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and fintech subsidiaries—Cubeler enables SME owners and executives to find new clients and access the financing, insights, and networking opportunities needed to unlock the full potential of their business. Its Business Hub™ is a powerful, no-cost, membership-based platform and network. By leveraging analytics and AI, it helps SME owners automate a multitude of processes needed to ensure their business is operating and scaling.

"We are driven by a strong sense of dedication to helping SMEs succeed. Our platform is designed to address the clients' challenges and nurture their ideas and spirit to innovate," says Johnson Joseph, president and CEO of Tenet.

Built on the Foundation of FOUR Pillars to Fuel Business Ambitions

Cubeler helps owners and executives overcome the obstacles stalling the growth of their business by focusing on four key areas— funding, advertising, networking, and market intelligence.
When it comes to funding and financing, Cubeler presents opportunities to SME owners and executives who are often turned down by big banks. By signing up on the Cubeler Business Hub™, they can create a profile and activate the Cubeler-Link, which connects their business’ accounting software to Cubeler's ecosystem.

As a feature of joining the Business Hub™, the platform will periodically retrieve information from an SME’s accounting software system. The Business Hub™ uses AI and data analytics to analyze and match the data collected from the businesses with the lending and credit criteria defined by the platform’s member financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and alternative lenders. The platform ensures these financial institutions are legally authorized to provide commercial loans and credit before allowing them to enroll.

The Cubeler Business Hub™ then populates the client's dashboard with compatible, prequalified loan offers so that the business’ decision-makers can compare repayment terms, interest rates, and other details to select the best offer.

With adequate funding, SMEs can bring innovative products to the table. However, they need the right marketing strategies to cast a wider net and grow their businesses. The Cubeler Business Hub™ helps SMEs promote their products and services to target audiences with high-value, costeffective advertising campaigns. It enables SMEs to stay connected and continuously interact with potential vendors and partners within the HUB.

"Nobody does business in a vacuum. Whether a retailer or a manufacturer, organizations need a network of partners, suppliers, and other players to operate," says Joseph.

Cubeler encourages member SMEs to participate in polls and surveys, post messages on boards, and earn points in return. They can redeem these points to run target advertising campaigns to boost sales.

Cubeler's analytics and AI engines track all this information to increase the precision of SME profiles and recommend local, national, and international connections toward business expansion.

By equipping SME owners and executives with exclusive, competitive business intelligence tools, insights, and analysis, the Cubeler Business Hub™ helps them assess and adopt strategies and capitalize on their greatest opportunities for growth. While businesses can spend up to $50,000 to purchase market research reports from other companies, Cubeler is able to produce market research and business intelligence reports from the information sourced through its clients’ accounting software, through polls, surveys, and other data-gathering means, and makes those reports available to its members completely free of charge.
Cubeler also provides clients with sector-specific content to help them make informed decisions and stay ahead of the market competition. It collects relevant information, packages it, and delivers it in a neat and concise fashion, according to the parameters set by SMEs. For instance, if an SME from a retail sector is interested in news and insights pertaining to that industry, it sets the parameters accordingly so that the platform delivers the desired information.

We Are Driven By A Strong Sense Of Dedication To Helping Smes Succeed. Our Platform Is Designed To Address The Clients' Challenges And Nurture Their Ideas And Spirit To Innovate

Tenet's Business Hub™ has helped numerous SME owners expand their horizons and succeed. In one instance, a China-based distributor of a leading global energy drink, facing a cash-flow issue, joined the Business Hub™ and obtained the funding needed to scale operations in just six months. Within a year, they became the energy drinks exclusive distributor in the province. It has since expanded into four provinces in China.

“We Aim To Equip Our Members With The Ability To Sell Their Products Worldwide. We Feel In This Day And Age The Best Way To Help Smes Succeed Is By Using Analytics And Ai To Help Automate Their Businesses Processes”

With customer-centricity at the core, Cubeler continues to address the needs of underserved SMEs. At the end of November, Tenet launched the Cubeler Business Hub™ in Canada and has plans for further expansion in 2023.

"We aim to equip our members with the ability to sell their products worldwide. We feel in this day and age the best way to help SMEs succeed is by using analytics and AI to help automate their businesses," says Joseph.

Cubeler is also breaking new ground in the industry with a strategic focus on innovative data collection and business intelligence practices. By having timely access to SMEs' accounting data, Cubeler hopes to emerge as an important market research, business intelligence, and AI company. It also plans on acquiring a market intelligence company to enhance its ability to glean strategic insights through data.

Made by business owners for business owners, Cubeler intently listens to clients' evolving needs to add novel tools to its ecosystem. With a steadfast commitment to fuelling the ambitions of SME owners and executives, Cubeler continues to create a smoother trajectory for business success.


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Johnson Joseph, President And CEO

Tenet leverages the power of AI, analytics and online networking to connect small businesses worldwide. It provides SME entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, and services they need to take their businesses to new heights and markets