Tensing: Intelligence Solutions to Automate Workflow Efficiency

Marcel van Beek Business Director
Enterprise mobility landscape’s innovative solutions and services has empowered organizations to enhance productivity, employee connectivity and cost optimization. However, with the advent of mobile operating systems such as iOS and android, organizations face challenges with coordinating business processes into one single platform. Furthermore, the current mobile solution market is based on the traditional Windows 6.5 devices that require custom built solutions. Hence, organizations with mobility solutions encountered the challenge of either moving to the cloud or change to a new type of mobility devices.

Tensing, a Netherlands based company specializes in developing mobility software and addresses these issues by developing a standardized mobility platform that supports all types of operating systems. “At Tensing, we develop our standardized field mobility platform with our customers through our ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ approach,” says Marcel van Beek, Business Director, Tensing. This way the company develops a solution that creates opportunities for enterprises and elevates their operational efficiency.

Tensing’s flagship product, Field Mobility Platform 360 (FMP360), is a highly configurable solution to provide the field engineers the right information in a workflow-driven app. Workflows are easily to design and deploy. “With the workflow designer our customers only have to configure flexible intelligent workflows, so the field engineers will always have the right information associated with the process they are doing,” states Van Beek.

The company’s innovative single-integrated platform, FMP360, is designed to optimize mobile workforce automation. “FMP360 is an easy to use platform that allows customers to easily optimize their mobile processes,’’ states van Beek. The highly flexible solution is available for all mobile operating system with timely access to context-based information and enabled customers to work either online or offline. FMP360 also addresses the connectivity gap of trending innovative technology such as wearable
device and augmented reality. “The platform also supports back-office and mobile employees by publishing information when and where employees need,” he adds.

Van Beek believes that keeping up with the evolving technology and implementing the same in the solutions has been the core competency for Tensing. The company’s key strategy of ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ approach has helped Tensing to elevate customers across verticals. Van Beek further emphasizes that “Most companies in the mobility service are still building custom built solution–which is not flexible, uneconomical and is mostly built on a provisional defecting software. Whereas, Tensing’s mobility platform is completely standardized offering customers benefit from the advantages of a standardized platform. With a standardized platform and the shoulder-to-shoulder approach it’s easy for us to develop new functionality that perfectly fit for different verticals. On a regular basis new functionality is added to the platform and available for all customers.”

“For instance, one of the clients of Tensing was struggling with the transition to new mobile devices. With the new devices, the client was able to take advantages of the latest technology and use different type of apps, but old equipment was still necessary for reading out old assets in the field. With the new platform, we build the same complex workflow-driven processes in a very short turnaround and provide it in a hybrid way, so our customer could use old and new devices in the same platform.”

Our highly scalable solution is available for all mobile operating system with timely access to context-based information and enable customers to work either online or offline

Furthermore, Tensing’s next big step for the enterprise mobility industry is to offer its complete solutions from the cloud and to test the full potential of new innovations. “We are also looking at other innovations like IoT and 3D scanning to gather more data for companies and to optimize decision-making’’ says Van Beek. “Also, from a business perspective, the company is looking forward to an expansion and we are striving forward to be in the top three Global Mobile solution, by 2019,’’ concludes Van Beek.


Marcel van Beek Business Director

Tensing specializes in international implementations of GIS and enterprise mobility to improve field force automation.