TEOCO: Synchronizing Solutions to Improve Network Service and Profits

Atul Jain, Chairman and CEO
The telecommunication industry is going through a sea of change that is instigated by the influx of innovations and new methodologies. With the increased usage of data and over-the-top (OTT) content services, customers are no longer inclined to voice calls and SMSs. However, this is beginning to eat into the revenue and profits of telecom companies. While battling with OTT providers and declining revenues per user, operators are also trying to grab the attention of customers by adding varied value added and personalized services. “TEOCO is a company that aims to address the needs of progressive players in the telecom industry by creating efficient networks, cost optimization, and increase profitability,” says Atul Jain, Chairman and CEO, TEOCO. “Our combined experience in both technology and telecom has made us both a market leader and a robust business partner.

Headquartered in Fairfax, VA, TEOCO supports multi-vendor and multi-domain networks, such as fixed and mobile technologies, switched and optical networks, Multiprotocol Label Switching {MPLS) transport services and many more. The company helps improve network throughout the entire business lifecycle from planning to analytics and assurance to optimization, with its repertoire of solutions such as Radio Planning, Performance Management, Fault Management, and many more. The company’s multi-technology radio network-planning tool, ASSET, delivers cost-effective high performance network designs. It allows GSM, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), Wi-Fi and other technologies to be planned in a single project.

While improving customer satisfaction through better network, TEOCO, also focuses on saving their clients revenue. Using their financial expertise to identify cost elements, the company performs large-scale analyses on every network and business transaction, while touching upon aspects of profitability, roaming, tariff, and many others. “We offer end-to-end solutions to manage network costs, delivering visibility, and control over receipt, validation, audit, dispute, and payment,” elucidates Atul.
The company magnifies cost saving opportunities while offering fully automated invoice processing, through its flagship product BillTrak Pro (BTP). The solution helps customize workflow and ensures business processes are integrated in all telecom expense management activities. Database licensing, maintenance, and invoice loading are other added advantages of the product.

TEOCO’s solutions allow its clients to have visibility in their business to assess customer experience. They are also deft in building smarter customer engagement programs, ensures superior quality of networkexperience, and enhances the customer value.With their end-to-end Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution, they leverage their service and customer analytics capabilities, offering rapid problem identification and diagnosis for mobile, fixed, IP, and OTT services.The solution also provides engineers and operations team with the necessary platform for proactively ensuring high quality service for customers and network troubleshooting.

TEOCO’s global customer base includes mobile, fixed, hybrid, and next generation networks, who have been profitable from their services. The company’s client, a tier 1 mobile operator, provides wireless voice, messaging and broadband services through different MVNO subsidiaries. Before partnering with TEOCO, billions were invested in annual wholesale network access costs each month by the mobile operator seeking a more effective and efficient method to manage this enormous financial liability. TEOCO’s flagship product BTP – automated invoice processing, account system, auditing and payments for the 25,000 invoices and associated costs. The company’s determination in assisting their client, helped save over one billion dollars while enhancing customer experience.

TEOCO is setting new standards in its space with its dedicated and constant innovations. “With connect being added to TEOCO’s planning portfolio, a set of tightly integrated tools to make the entire planning process as seamless as possible has been created, while improving customer experience. This has opened lot more opportunities for both TEOCO and its clients,” concludes Atul.


Fairfax, VA

Atul Jain, Chairman and CEO

TEOCO analyzes and optimizes network and business performance by providing its expertise in big data and real-time capabilities to telecom companies