Teradata [NYSE:TDC]: Delivering Ready-to-run Hadoop Enterprise Solutions

Victor L. Lund, President & CEO
After a quick selfie on stage with the attendees of the Teradata Partners 2016 conferences, Victor L. Lund, CEO, Teradata begins his address with the core vision of the company, “The key value that we bring to you (the customers) is our ability to solve your business problems, to help you put together data infrastructures with our advanced learning of data warehousing.” Teradata has come a long way from the research collaboration that started in a garage in Brentwood, CA in 1979, to the Fortune 1000 company that it is today. It provides data warehousing software and solutions to 75 countries worldwide, standing at the forefront of big data and Hadoop solution vendors. Their vision, however, has remained undeterred—to understand businesses and their data storage challenges.

In a bid to help organizations leverage cost-effective and powerful Hadoop solutions for their big data initiatives, Teradata’s Portfolio for Hadoop delivers flexible products and platforms that are simplified for the modern enterprise architecture. Teradata, being proficient in the big data analytics scene, is strategically equipped for bringing a holistic Hadoop implementation into the business infrastructure. Teradata’s Portfolio for Hadoop is a thoroughgoing service that encompasses a software platform, pre-configured hardware, implementation assistance, and customization, ensuring a short turnaround time for businesses adopting the power of Hadoop.

Teradata Appliance for Hadoop— the flagship Portfolio solution—is a ready-to-run enterprise platform that boasts of high speed connectors and proactive system monitoring. Between Teradata’s software components that work in tandem with Hadoop platforms like Hortonworks HDP or Cloudera CDH, and the supporting Teradata hardware, the Teradata Appliance makes Hadoop technology ready-to-use for enterprises on an immediate basis. The entire design of the hardware is to drive computation; and fast computation, bolstered by numerous CPU cores and higher memory for I/O intensive workloads. The core of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture calls for innovation as its streamlined design supports open-sourced distributed SQL query engines like Presto.

The Unified Data Architecture also presents an opportunity for implementing a simple scalable analytical environment—Teradata Aster Analytics—which leverages Hadoop clusters for analytical processing and data storage.

Teradata’s Portfolio for Hadoop delivers flexible products and platforms that are simplified for the modern enterprise architecture

The Aster ecosystem supports quicker insights for business analysts through its prebuilt analytical solutions; yet it is flexible enough to allow SQL and R-savvy data scientists to explore data-wrangling possibilities. The Teradata Unified Data Architecture, with Appliance for Hadoop and Aster at its core, churns silos of data from a plethora of listeners and tells a meaningful story to business analysts.

The architecture manifested as a timely answer to Vodafone Netherlands, which attempted to unify the communication operations of its country’s entire user base—a staggering 5.3 million consumers, distributed through 260 different stores. This unique big data challenge was met by Teradata’s Hadoop Portfolio, their Unified Data Architecture, complete with the hardware and implementation support of Teradata Appliance, and the powerful discovery capabilities of Teradata Aster Analytics. The result for Vodafone Netherlands, was when they achieved the four tenets of the big data goal—volume, velocity, veracity, and variety. Consequently, Vodafone Netherlands launched its Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC) to empower a data driven organization model—an expedited deployment powered by Teradata.

With Hadoop’s ecosystem maturing rapidly, Teradata constantly boosts its R&D, incorporating the burgeoning trends in the market—a constant part of its vision. “With the support of the talented team at Teradata, we will optimize our go-to-market strategy, develop new flexible solutions our customers need, reinvigorate our organization and leadership, and deliver value to our customers,” Lund says. Teradata’s focused and innovative approach to data warehousing ensures that organizations, big and small, will buckle down and ride on Hadoop’s incredible potential.


Miamisburg, OH

Victor L. Lund, President & CEO

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