TeraGo Networks: Delivering Agility to Manage Data and IT Infrastructure

Stewart Lyons, CEO
In today’s turbulent business and IT environment, there is tremendous pressure on organizations to manage their IT infrastructure while ensuring the delivery of high standards of service. Although most companies maintain their own set of tools and skills to keep their infrastructure up and running, the CIOs are constantly battling to curb the rising maintenance and administration costs. In addition, the legacy IT systems and strict organizational policies are preventing the CIOs from aligning their IT with current business transformation strategies. The need for the hour is an effective IT infrastructure management and networking solutions that helps bridge the gap between the IT operations and business. TeraGo Networks (TSX:TGO), a facilities-driven Internet and data communications company, seeks to address this need by utilizing wireless broadband technology to help enterprises manage their entire IT and networking assets.

The company's solutions span the entire network and IT architecture lifecycle—from business reliable and secure Internet, to colocation, and cloud services, all within their managed IP network. While highlighting the key driver of the company’s solution, Stewart Lyons, CEO, TeraGo Networks construes, “Today most of the companies are moving their valuable IT assets to the cloud. However, the major question is who will help them manage and secure their assets in the cloud?” Therefore, TeraGo has developed a robust and flexible data flow management solution that ensures the enterprise data is securely transported, stored, managed, and protected in the cloud. “We provide a full suite of data flow solutions that work together seamlessly, so that businesses can focus on their core operations and objectives,” says Lyons.

“The proper use and transfer of data is a fundamental part of enterprises’ daily operation, but without a seamless communication method within the company, the overall business productivity can suffer,” expresses Lyons. Hence, TeraGo helps their clients to enhance internal communication by establishing a fast and reliable Ethernet service between all the office locations. The firm provides enterprises with Virtual Local- Area Network (VLAN) to consolidate all IT resources and transfer for better inter-office communication, and effortless business operation.“VLAN provides the capability to combine all the IT resources under a single roof, allowing companies to minimize IT costs,” says Lyons.

We provide a full suite of data flow solutions that work together seamlessly, so that businesses can focus on their core operations and objectives

Further, the company gives improved security by putting all sensitive traffic on an independent network.

TeraGo also helps their clients avoid business interruptions during network disturbances by offering Internet Redundancy services that ensure complete uptime connectivity, and enhance their customers' business operations. “If a company's primary Internet connection experiences a disruption, we reroute their traffic to any additional links connected to our internet redundancy solution” says Lyons.

TeraGo's managed national IP network covers more than 4,100 business customers in 46 major Canadian markets. One of their customers in the financial services market approached the company to utilize their cloud based data center and colocation solution to cost-effectively expand their existing data storage capacity. Further, TeraGo helped the customer save on operational costs and operate with greater efficiency by providing on premise disaster recovery (DRaaS) solution. “We teamed up the DRaaS solution with a managed multi-office network system to improve the customer’s internal communication system,” says Lyons. “This entire range of advanced IT solutions helped our client to keep their data safe and secure in the cloud as well as connect our employees from any location with a robust network,” he shares.

TeraGo’s uniqueness starts with perfectly combining telecommunications, networking, cloud, and IT infrastructure solutions to address enterprises' secure data flow and management requirement. With over 15 years of history in delivering performance, the company plans to launch many new cloud solutions in the coming year. “We want to become a managed service provider of all different types of cloud platforms,” Lyons concludes.

TeraGo Networks

Thornhill, ON

Stewart Lyons, CEO

A facilities-driven internet and data communications company that utilizes wireless broadband technology to help enterprises manage their entire IT and networking assets.