Terida: Integrated Web-Based Solutions for Actionable Legal Business Intelligence

Teri Marlene Prince, CEO
“Success in the legal space means moving quickly and deliberately to meet the needs of legal counsel and the courts to provide a secure access-to-justice solution for affected parties. Terida delivers value through the pragmatic application of technology and expertise, while maintaining a deep respect for multijurisdictional litigation and regulatory processes,” says Teri Prince, CEO of the Terida companies.

Terida is a privately owned consulting and technology solutions provider specializing in systems for pre and post-litigation, due diligence, as well as the registration and administration of claims and settlements.

“We have overlapping responsibilities. On the one hand, we are called upon to provide an efficient and effective solution to complex legal problems, and on the other hand, we must protect privacy, and meet case, client and court mandated requirements.”

Terida’s CLASsoft Technology Framework™ forms the foundation of its legal industry solutions. CLASsoft™ is both a platform and a development accelerator. It supports a number of configurable workflows, and is often extended to accommodate the requirements of specific cases and issues. CLASsoft easily supports multiple languages, is portable to multiple operating system platforms, and can be set up in a matter of days.

“We are squarely focused on delivering secure, intuitive solutions that enable persons, corporations and other entities to register claims, while giving lawyers and administrators the tools they need to effectively carry out their responsibilities. Our solutions are configurable, scale quickly and delivered in successive iterations so that high priority functionality is available well before case or court-mandated deadlines,” explains Teri.

“In this industry, we never stop learning. Our success is built on knowledge gained from previous assignments and our ability to use technology to provide value. Our goal is to increase productivity, improve efficiency at every stage of the case, and continue to improve our technology and our knowledge.”

“Our framework and experience are the reasons why we are hired,” elaborates Teri.

Our goal is to increase productivity and efficiency through every stage of a case

Bridging the legal and the regulatory, Terida was engaged early in 2012 to build and host an integrated web-based registration and credentialing system for the transitional Council, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).

“By delivering production-ready modules much sooner than expected using the CLASsoft FrameworkTM and our iterative development methodology, the Terida ProcessTM, our client was able to preregister potential members and drive revenue ahead of schedule”, says Teri. “Currently, the system is being used to gather information and documents that will assist in the certification of professional credentials. Post proclamation, the system will be used to generate credentials, and provide a public registry of registered professionals and other legally mandated functions the new College will require.”

Reaching across the U.S., Canada as well as Europe, the company’s consultancy supports all phases of web-based justice systems including but not limited to mass torts, mass damages, evacuations, disasters, insolvencies, class actions, compensations, claims, settlements and distributions.

As Professor Emeritus of Ryerson University, Teri understands the importance of technical evolution, and takes pride in the company’s commitment to quality and continual improvement. Looking into the future, Terida is expanding upon its success and establishing a foothold in other industries. “We’ve built a strong team and are ready to take on new challenges."

Terida has recently collaborated with a large multinational partner to deliver a comprehensive compliance and risk management system. “It is unique in our space and we look forward to building on this momentum as we delve into ethics and regulatory management systems across a variety of industry verticals.”


Pinehurst NC and Toronto ON

Teri Marlene Prince, CEO

Provides consulting expertise and web-based solutions for litigation, emergency and disaster management, and processing of registrations, claims and settlements.