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Shane Hade, CEO
Rising above Challenges to Reinvent Leadership

“My entire life, I have been very collaborative in nature and involved in sports and activities that inherently implement teamwork,” reveals Shane Hade, CEO, Terma Software. “These traits of teamwork and goal setting acquired through participation in team sports have helped me seamlessly transition from an engineer to a C-level executive,” he continues. Hade believes in perseverance and his own personal will, which has enabled him to get through tumultuous experiences to arrive at his current position. “If you allow your own personal equanimity to be dictated by circumstance, you are never going to have the solid grounding from which you can build excellence,” affirms Hade. Coming into Terma as a new CEO did not happen without its own set of challenges. Any new person in power within an organization will be looked upon with doubt, and Hade had to gain the trust and credibility of the team, which was not an easy task. “You have to establish your own leadership style and that could be quite different from prior leadership. It's not a math problem, you have to look at what goals you want to achieve in the short term and make sure that members of the team hear you individually,” relates Hade. Once this was achieved, he led his team at Terma to provide the most advanced workload analytics and reporting solutions by paying attention to them and employing a style of “management by walking around (MBWA).”

Revamping Features and Functionality

When a client partners with Terma, they get more than just workload analytics—they benefit from the company’s proven track record of enabling each client to succeed beyond their expectation. “From the client’s first contact with Terma, we focus on improving all facets of their technology deployment,” says Hade. The company’s flagship product JAWS helps organizations optimize their workload processing and get more value out of their workload automation products by providing SLA management, forecasting, prediction, and reporting. JAWS assists companies in lowering their operational costs and improving the reliability and performance of their mission critical workloads. The product also addresses the need for a single user interface and management console (Single Pane of Glass) into heterogeneous job scheduling environments across distributed and mainframe platforms.

As part of their workload analytics, Terma provides monitoring and reporting solutions for enterprise job scheduling and workload automation products from CA Technologies (AutoSys, CA 7). “The value we bring to the CA 7, AutoSys and Tidal environments is a much richer capability for advanced analytics on all the underlying data, and then looking at this information longitudinally as opposed to a point of time. So it is possible to view performance over time; it’s akin to going from DOS to Windows,” explains Hade. Terma’s products, compatible with CA 7 and AutoSys, provides a graphical view of workload automation, SLA management and advanced analytics. The company further strengthens its arsenal of workload automation tools with TermaINSIGHT which is a job level analytics tool that facilitates a discreet view of individual components of data associated with the job scheduling environments.

Conquering New Heights

During his stint at Terma, Hade has learned lessons of patience, discipline and determination. There is a certain level of faith between him and the team he is working with. The changes he makes to the organization are firm and comes after due consideration. "You cannot boil the ocean overnight. Often times, it can be important to delay making a decision and give it the time to evolve as a right or wrong path forward.

The value we bring to the CA 7, AutoSys and Tidal environments is a much richer capability for advanced analytics on all the underlying data -- and then looking at this information longitudinally as opposed to a point of time

This will give you a bird’s eye view of the problem at hand and help you with the solution,” elaborates Hade. “Other times, when the circumstances demand it, one must simply make a decision based on the available facts in order to make progress, while always watching to see if a modification is needed.”

For a detailed understanding of how Hade along with his dedicated team is helping clients deliver, consider the case involving a large retailer who was having significant issues in its overnight batch processing. Terma analyzed the problem through their optimization services that revealed the client’s issues with worldwide retail operations. The core difficulty was a resource conflict. “We helped the client optimize their environment, with the result being that they were able to keep some of their significant overseas resource operations open later, as they reduced their batch window significantly,” states Hade. The result was not just greater efficiency, but increased revenue as well, because the client was able to remain working for longer hours as their batch window had decreased.

Unlocking Innovation

“At Terma, because of the circumstances, I really did have to learn to be extremely flexible. Ultimately the goal is to be successful, and if you are too wedded to your own ideas, then it becomes negative,” says Hade. His energy in leadership exudes a confidence that cannot be overlooked. “Anybody can lead through calm seas, it is times of challenges and rough weather that bring out true leadership,” reveals Hade.

Looking to the future, Hade plans to continually introduce innovative solutions including further advanced analytics with the ability to implement third party reporting tools within their product. “We are also looking at implementing modeling so that it is possible to model job streams even before they are executed. This would give our clients a much greater ability to predict the performance of jobs in their workload environment before implementation,” concludes Hade.

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Shane Hade, CEO

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