Terrapin Systems: Refining Data with Juniper Networks

In today’s fast-paced technological environment, where the amount of data is increasing exponentially, Juniper Networks leads the way through constant innovation to speed up the delivery of data for its customers. Terrapin Systems from Morgan Hill, CA understands this and has setup a strategic alliance to provide enhanced solutions to its customers. In collaboration with Juniper Networks, Terrapin delivers the strategies, architectures, and technologies that enable customers to deploy the best networks in the world.

Terrapin Systems build cloud-ready High-IQ Networks to facilitate companies connect data to people, people to ideas and ideas to business value

Terrapin Systems has carved a niche in the open networking and data center domain and is a trusted partner for comprehensive networking services and solutions. Using a flexible, collaborative approach, Terrapin Systems customizes, optimizes, and automates the network for customer’s specific applications. “Terrapin Systems builds cloud-ready High-IQ Networks to facilitate companies connect data to people, people to ideas and ideas to business value. We help organizations build reliable, highly available, secure business-critical IT data centers,” says Chris Becerra, CEO at Terrapin Systems. “We are proud to work with Juniper who aligns with our commitment to open networks,” Becerra adds. “We test and validate everything they do, and then integrate their products to create solutions that set the standard for flexibility, performance, and security.” The Terrapin team has architected private, public, and hybrid clouds for some of the most mission-critical datacenters in the world. They combine the right hardware, software, and implementation resources to build competent and cost-effective network.

Terrapin Systems is committed to continually advancing in their understanding of open networks and sharing that knowledge with customers.
Chris Becerra, CEO
Their vendor-agnostic approach gives them the flexibility to decide the right products from a variety of vendors to create the most effective solution for customers. “We can architect, implement, secure, and maintain networking solutions that help organizations to be more competitive,” states Becerra. The company offers custom solutions that spans across all aspects of network implementation.Their service offerings include high-performance networking and collaboration, network workflow automation and orchestration, software-defined datacenters and, TAP/SPAN monitoring fabric.

Terrapin Systems automates provisioning between data centers, as well as secured network services, so organizations can scale capabilities while ensuring corporate network policy is followed, with auditable proof. The company has built its own security monitoring service, TerraMon to provide visibility into the performance of devices and applications even in a heterogeneous environment. TerraMon enables all stakeholders, from IT, Engineering, QA, production, and personnel, to create virtual views of relevant network components and applications in real time. It is a proven way to maintain high performance levels, resolve security issues quickly, and keep data safe at all times. Terrapin Systems has constantly demonstrated its ability to delight its customers in getting highest performing and most secure network possible. “Our dedicated support teams help maintain network at peak performance so that customers can stay productively focused on work that drives value,” says Becerra.

As technology transforms at an accelerated pace, Terrapin Systems delivers superior data center agility and scalability with minimal disruption to end customers. “We specialize in helping organizations get the most from their legacy infrastructure they already have in place, so organizations can keep costs in check and maximize past investments while still laying the foundation for a network that will serve them in the future,” concludes Becerra.

Terrapin Systems

Morgan Hill, CA

Chris Becerra, CEO

Terrapin Systems is the leader in data center and open networking and, a trusted partner for comprehensive networking services and solutions