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Robin A. Wirz, CEO
Reflecting on the fact that there is an app for anything and everything, Terria Mobile CEO, Robin A. Wirz says, “Since mobile apps are being increasingly used in all aspects of business, it is resulting in a rapidly increasing portfolio of apps to create and even more: manage. Organizations lack the tools to effectively manage the lifecycle of an entire portfolio of public and internal/ corporate apps. The mobile experience is hereby the key success factor.” However, this success factor is dictated by a conundrum: development and administration of complex mobile applications while coping with the specific aspects of the enormously volatile mobile domain. With a mission statement to create and manage winning mobile experiences, Terria Mobile has emerged as a forerunner in provisioning a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for context-driven custom application development with its mobile experience platform—LaunchBase.

Paraphrasing Wirz, the prevailing mobile application lifecycle management in organizations involves a lot of redundancy, little synergies and a deep pocket pinch for development, and even more the maintenance process. The team at Terria Mobile firmly believes that the legacy processes can be disrupted by mobile experience firepower—LaunchBase. For organizations flying blind in their app management and optimization, LaunchBase manages diverse applications across the corporate app portfolio with its multi-language content management functionality, activation and interaction features, user management, analytics, and more. Besides conducting surveys and feedbacks to enhance the qualitative experience in testing and production, “We also offer the Mobile Moments Machine—persona and situation management to create context-aware apps and experiences,” adds Wirz. LaunchBase also offers a high performance delivery infrastructure that enables hosting, synchronization and delivery mechanisms making the right content and functionality available to the right person at the right time.

That’s not all. The firm’s highly flexible and easy to integrate platform provides the necessary tools to manage the lifecycle of apps for delighting and engaging the users, comprehensively. Illustrating the typical scenario in organizations today, Wirz stresses, “Most companies don’t even know how many apps they have, let alone how they are being used and experienced by users.

Terria Mobile provisions a total enterprise solution enabling unparalleled mobile brand experiences, for internal and external apps alike

LaunchBase offers extensive real-time analytics and control mechanisms to manage apps, on the application and the content level.” The platform’s real-time analytics drills down to the individual device or user to get detailed information on app usage and user experience, even across apps and devices. This provides full insights for management purposes, and lays the basis for truly personal experiences.

Recently, Terria Mobile worked in close partnership with a customer grappling with the management of apps for both internal and external usage. With skyrocketing costs for development and maintenance, the client was in need of a solution for measurement and management meanwhile eliminating redundancy in the app creation. “With LaunchBase’s integration and ‘mobilization’ with backend-systems, all apps could easily use the mobile-ready content and functions. The portfolio-wide analytics allowed managing the app portfolio as a whole, to consolidate where needed, terminate unsuccessful apps, and implement a corporate mobile strategy,” explains Wirz. This partnership greatly increased the client’s app portfolio management capabilities and reduced costs. “Terria Mobile provisions a total enterprise solution enabling unparalleled mobile brand experiences, for internal and external apps alike,” extols Wirz.

The firm’s successful history in Web Content Management and fascination for the mobile world creates secret sauce for mastering the mobile experience. With a commitment to embrace the newest technologies and possibilities, Terria Mobile looks forward to reach stellar heights with the creation and management of context-driven brand experiences.

Terria Mobile

Glen Rock, NJ

Robin A. Wirz, CEO

Provides a comprehensive portfolio of products for context-driven mobile application development and experience management

Terria Mobile