TESCHGlobal: Solving the Most Challenging Data Problems Organically

Will Tesch, Founder & CEO
IT solution providers often pride on their ability to offer unique and advanced technological solutions. But seldom is their technology inspired by nature, where creatures evolve constantly to tackle daunting challenges they face in their environment. This notion hits home with TESCHGlobal (TG)—a modern, challenge-driven data management and application development firm—who draws its inspiration from nature to help businesses organically advance toward modern technological solutions to solve the most sophisticated data challenges and digital needs. “We enjoy solving problems that other companies shy away from, and that is what differentiates us as the changing agents in the industry,” states Will Tesch, Founder and CEO, TESCHGlobal.

Operating on such a revolutionary approach, TESCHGlobal’s data modernization services focus on data integration, data quality improvement, data architecture design, data governance, data analytics, Big Data, and machine learning. Data integration lays at the foundation of TG’s services and accounts for how it’s grown organically over time through its customer-focused approach. As businesses face intense pressure of providing better customer experiences and bringing valuable data forward, they are inhibited by pernicious siloed systems that lead to disparate data sets. TESCH Global addresses such challenges by guiding organizations through a journey that will help to uncover an end-to-end solution for their data management needs in order to achieve digital transformation. Be it healthcare, finance, insurance, start-ups, government, manufacturing or retail, TESCHGlobal holds immense expertise on the most advanced data integration challenges across any industry vertical. “As legacy data warehouses are incapable of handling the changing data sources, we are one of the first American data management firms to pioneer the ingenious data vault methodology to scale up warehouse ability exponentially,” remarks Rudy Bochek, President, TESCH Global. It does not stop there; the company also helps glean valuable business insights out of data by enabling business transformation through smart analytics around BI, data visualization, and predictive/ prescriptive analytics.

In addition, TESCHGlobal helps start-ups bring innovative ideas to life through application modernization services.
Rudy Bochek, President
“Just a mere idea is enough for us to help organizations on their journey toward a full-fledged solution,” remarks Tesch. TESCHGlobal’s dynamic engineers leverage cutting-edge programming languages and frameworks to develop solutions ranging from full stack software, comprising both front-end and back-end programming, mobile and web applications, to cutting-edge IoT-based solutions. However, the company recognizes that mere provisions of solutions are not enough, so it also supports customers by providing engaging training around product bootcamps and upgrades, use-case tutorials, best practice recommendations, and more, to give customers an in-depth understanding of technologies for effective use.

What makes TESCH Global’s professional services so powerful is its passionate team and unique approach to digital transformation. When an organization approaches TESCH Global, they can automatically feel the “TG NATURE” and gain a sense of comfort and understanding around its expertise through campfire stories of prior or current engagements. The company takes pride in being trusted advisors to those organizations looking for change in a digital, on-demand world.

We enjoy solving problems that other companies shy away from, and that is what differentiates us as the changing agents in the industry

Moving forward, the company looks to further disseminate its service offerings and is committed to exploiting innovation by opening up not just offices but centers of innovation to bring customers for collaboration. By taking customers away from their day-to-day space— creativity and solutions can bloom. The first center will be in Boise, ID.


Grafton, WI

Will Tesch, Founder & CEO and Rudy Bochek, President

TESCHGlobal (TG), founded in 2005, is committed to manage and utilize business data employing the modern technology tools and repeatable methodologies that automate processes while enabling full insight into operations. Their specialized team of software engineers and strategists provide unmatched delivery of customized software architecture and application development solutions to promote data-driven organizations worldwide. TESCHGlobal has extensive experience in the areas of Enterprise Integration, Enterprise Business Intelligence & Analytics, and Software Application Development in various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, retail, insurance, and more