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Patrick O'Connor, CEO & Founder
Businesses have been moving toward a more digital realm for quite some time now, and IT service management has become an integral element in this journey toward proficiency. In order for organizations to move to the new digital world there are two main obstacles they have to address: data and its governance.

Data fundamentally drives the company and for it to be of use it has to be architected and governed and if not its usefulness falls away and it then begins to cause operational issues and risks. The organization of yesterday was built on disparate systems and many of the organizations of today now rest on these systems which are costly to replace. The direct implication of this technology debt is that it generates employee inefficiencies. Management then feels the pain to reduce costs through headcount which is now, as a management tool, reaching the end of its impact.

So, the challenge for today’s organizations is to evolve and adapt to the new technologies and leverage them in order to keep up with the growing demands. That challenge is compounded by the challenge that a lot of the organizations are led by analog CEO’s trying to live in a digital world. Their narratives are out of step with what is required in today’s businesses. In this new world service management is critical to the delivery of that digital narrative.

With a vision to provide a simple, practical, and realistic approach to the delivery of IT service man-agement projects, solutions, and services, TESM, a ServiceNow Gold Services Partner, provides the expertise required to unlock the capabilities offered by the ServiceNow platform.

“We found that a lot of customers struggle to understand the use of tools that assist in accelerating the automation and digitization strategies. And so, we wanted to help them leverage technology to the fullest and get maximum return on their investment,” starts Patrick O’Connor, CEO, TESM.

Headquartered in London, the company was launched by a team of practitioners using deep industry and technology experience to enable enterprises to realize the value which of their ServiceNow investment.
As specialists in ServiceNow architecture and its implementation, TESM assists organizations in ensuring that their security operations, service and workflow automation, technology change programs, employee engagement, and IT service management align with their business needs.

TESM is changing the way IT is used within an organization, by helping accelerate the digitization process and streamlining the design, management, and testing process in a cost-effective manner. While the ServiceNow platform provides a great medium to achieve that, it is necessary for businesses to set the correct foundations before they can extract the true data value and escalate their investment in the platform. “Our goal is to ensure that the right processes, people, and technologies are in place to help organizations meet their strategic goals,” explains O’Connor. For instance, by implementing ServiceNow’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution, TESM helps organizations accelerate their risk and compliance framework to effectively mitigate risks in real-time and drive compliance. Likewise, using the ITSM solution, TESM helps organizations plan processes, ensure business alignment, improve service delivery, and respond to the ever-changing needs of customers. TESM supports organizations to comprehend the design of data modules and use it to automate processes and draw efficiency. In a marketplace where many firms struggle by rushing into engagements, TESM recognizes the needs and requirements of its clients, their business goals, and helps them focus on getting a strong foothold in the market to be successful. “Having the architectural edge and principles to design processes, methods to leverage the platform, and preparing solutions to been enterprise-ready is a part of how successful we are with our customers,” says O’Connor.

TESM’s partnership with ServiceNow has helped boost its customer relationship and accelerate its digitization strategy. The capabilities of ServiceNow along with TESM’s in-depth experience with the platform enables to unlock value for customers, helping them achieve maximum return on their ServiceNow platform investment. Having embarked on this journey five years ago, TESM has experienced rapid growth and today has some of the largest financial services and pharmaceutical companies as long-term customers. Moving forward, TESM plans on expanding its solutions in the ServiceNow platform to provide Chatbots and General Data Protection Regulation consulting services to enhance customer experience. “We have a strong innovation team, a robust architectural design, and solutions and services that can help organizations adopt and accelerate the ServiceNow rollout. This is our primary focus,” concludes O’Connor.


London, UK

Patrick O'Connor, CEO & Founder

TESM is a DXC Technology company and ServiceNow Global Strategic partner. The company focuses on end-to-end solutions that enable customers to realize the full benefit of their implementation. Working in complete partnership with the customers is the heart of their success. The company was launched in 2013 by a team of practitioners using deep industry and technology experience to provide an honest, practical, and realistic approach to the delivery of service management projects, solutions, and services. TESM has experienced rapid growth through reputation and recommendation. Today many most extensive financial services and pharmaceutical companies are their long-term customers whom they serve dedicatedly