Testlauncher: Transforming Software Testing with Smart Bug Tracking Services

Jason Hamilton-Mascioli, Founder
In today’s competitive business world, the rapid influx of mobile and cloud technologies makes software testing a necessity for improving software architecture and user interface. However, on the flip side, modern day technologies also throw a new set of challenges in the software testing landscape to streamline business operations and deliver state of the art products. “We find that many companies do not have capable employees and developers to augment testing and produce smarter products,” says Jason Hamilton- Mascioli, Founder, Testlauncher. To ensure the products operate seamlessly, Testlauncher provides a platform that bridges an organization’s testing needs and the Testlauncher’s tester community to schedule unlimited amounts of testing by using a free issue tracker. “We invented a matching algorithm to connect testers from our database and clients, matching their specific needs to provide a product of their need,” adds Hamilton-Mascioli.

“At Testlauncher, we give business owners options to choose products that fit their needs,” asserts Hamilton- Mascioli. The company offers a wide range of testing services to improve security and performance by reducing software application errors. The company’s On Demand Testing service utilizes Testlauncher’s unique tester matching algorithm to build customized tester teams based on more than 50 tester parameters like location, physical devices, and specialties, which directly map an organization’s projects requirements. “We rescue an organization’s existing Quality Assurance (QA) department by augmenting their whole QA test environment,” states Hamilton-Mascioli.

In conjunction to the Demand Testing offering, Testlauncher provides Managed Testing services, a cloud-based issue tracking tool that gives companies access to all the issues, test cases, and reports—helping them gain insights into the health and quality of applications. “Our Managed Testing service provides organizations the flexibility to scale and enable them to focus on what they do best,” delineates Hamilton-Mascioli. Further, owing to the existing diversity in the mobile ecosystem, Testlauncher provides a mobile app testing service to test pre-launched applications in different locations and under different carriers to ensure the app is bug-free. “Our mobile app testing focuses on usability, performance, security, and battery consumption which identifies the bugs and ensures the quality of the application,” points out Hamilton-Mascioli.

We invented a matching algorithm to connect testers from our database and clients, matching their specific needs to provide a product of their need

Moreover, by using a smarter glitch developing technology like slack, the company’s experts create tester communities and help organizations improve testing and application performance. Testlauncher individuates itself by delivering smart and fast testing solutions that enable organizations to reduce repetitive work and give easy access to test information. “We take quick decisions on testing processes and have aligned ourselves with high profile testing advisors to edge past our rivals” states Hamilton-Mascioli.

Since inception, Testlauncher has been helping companies improve their operational efficiency by providing sophisticated testing solutions. For instance, one of the company’s clients from the media and entertainment space was facing customer service issues. They wanted to discover issues related to virtual terminals and their developing lab setting. Testlauncher enabled the company to track performances and the visual UI, which assisted in detecting the bugs on certain browsers and network carriers. On implementing Testlauncher’s services, the client was able to monitor their offerings online and focus on their priorities—enabling them to gain more viewership.

For days to come, Testlauncher plans to invest heavily in its matching algorithm and on-demand platforms to add large market leaders to their client portfolio. In addition, the company aims to partner with large corporations to extend their on-demand services. “Currently our key strategy is to strengthen our team for quality software testing and collaborate with prominent companies to expand our services,” concludes Hamilton-Mascioli.


Hamilton, Canada

Jason Hamilton-Mascioli, Founder

Provides a platform that bridges clients’ testing needs and a world-wide tester community to schedule unlimited amounts of testing by using the Testlauncher free issue tracker.