Testuff: Rationalizing Software Testing through Better Test Management

Arik Aharoni, CEO & Co-Founder
Various technologies today in the Quality Assurance (QA) are developed to push the innovation needle forward, making the job of testers efficient and automated. However, not every forged portfolio touches all the aspects of testing due to the complexity and overheads issues. To have an adequate test management solution, one needs focus, experience and deep understanding of the testing domain. Matching the description is Testuff, a company that combines its experience and diligent team with resilient applications to streamline the overall processes of QA. Hailing from the Silicon Valley of Mediterranean, Tel Aviv, Israel, Testuff has designed its software to eliminate the overhead tasks, automate all the steps, and create a facile environment for software testing.

To achieve genuine QA, companies often harbor different testing methodologies to cover all the aspects of the process. “Our platform is flexible to support any testing methods, be it Waterfall, Black-box, White-box, Agile, Exploratory testing, or any other,” says Arik Aharoni, CEO and Co-Founder, Testuff. “Our test management solution does not impose additional tasks on users, but rather allows users to set it up so it will work in their environment, according to their processes and methodologies.”

Looking back at the days when Testuff was still in its initial stage, Aharoni reckons numerous loopholes that made QA nothing less than an uphill battle. “There was a craving for a good test management tool that could uncurl the complexities involved in QA,” says Aharoni. Driven with the passion to tie all the loose ends, Testuff was founded in 2007. Fast forward nine years, today the company has created a legacy of its own with its capability to make QA simple, while adding new features and testing services, for the benefit of the testers.

“We strive to meet all the demands of our customers from our portfolio,” says Aharoni with an optimistic tone. “It includes industry unique features of video recording and the two-way integration with 27 bug trackers.”

Our platform is flexible to support any testing methods, be it Waterfall, Black-box, White-box, Agile, Exploratory testing, or any other

The latter enables customers to receive back information about changes made in the tracker, while exporting and importing data. Integration is available with automation tools, which allow recording of the test results in Testuff from these tools that can be used for assessment. The company is also credited for its excellent Test Editor, which allows testers to easily write and edit their tests. “Test execution comes with an embedded video recorder that reduces the time for developers to understand the defect reports and manage them,” adds Aharoni. Testuff’s recently launched Load Testing service enabling testers to add an additional layer of testing to verify applications, websites and internal network of software.

On Testuff’s success, Aharoni reveals, “We always have dialogs with our customers and end-users to understand their needs and demands and go extra miles to see the problem through their eyes.” Influenced with such determination and diligence, various companies have chosen Testuff to address their needs in QA. For instance, NICE Systems—a data security and surveillance firm— leverages the company’s solution to conduct thousands of software specification tests. Through Testuff, NICE Systems can keep a track on the software success and failures through development reports and Q&A team’s management techniques. Key to NICE Systems’ positive experiences with Testuff is the company’s high level responsiveness to customer feedback.

In the coming months, Testuff will be seen joining hands with other players in the project-software-tools arena. “In our future ventures, we will focus on adding more testing services to give customers new options for better and broader testing,” concludes Aharoni.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Arik Aharoni, CEO & Co-Founder

The company provides solutions and services for the software Quality Assurance (QA) community.