Tetherfi: Delivering Optimal Communication Solutions

Vineeth Nayak, Founder & MD
Contact Centers are challenged by customers demand for 24x7 Omni Channel interaction, pressures on cost to serve and competition from new players with unique business models. These business imperatives in contact center space across multiple verticals are driving demand for deployment of Avaya CC products, solutions and services.

Vineeth Nayak, Founder and MD, Tetherfi, with the experience and expertise in the domain considers this as an opportunity to outperform in building communication applications. Leveraging Avaya’s dynamic portfolio, Tetherfi—a communications provider has been able to make a considerable mark in the industry. The company is now focused on enhancing ‘agent-service’ and ‘self-service’ (automated service) by building intelligent and innovative products and integrated solutions using standards-based (VoiceXML, TSAPI, JTAPI, SIP, XML, SOA, RTMP, FaxOverIP, Cordova) frameworks. These structures enable customer to optimize investments by integrating IT applications and communications infrastructure with their CRM or backend systems. Tetherfi OCM suite of self and agent assisted service solutions are an outcome of these efforts working closely with Avaya and customers in BFSI, Healthcare, Hospitality, Telecom and Travel industry.

Tetherfi extends its self-service solution to reduce customers’ negative experience while engaging with voice service to interact with banks. For one of the major bank in Malaysia, Tetherfi moved few agent-assisted interactions to intelligent self-service and results spoke for itself. “After our roll out, call closure rate escalated as 570,000 out of one million calls (57%) were getting addressed in the automated self service engine,” says Nayak as per feed-back from the customer. Beyond voice, Tetherfi also complements banks’ efforts to introduce alternative channels like Email, SMS, Video Chat and Social Media.

Focus on customer, innovations and value creation for all stakeholders is what drives us. Our tag-line‘Making every interaction count’ – ensures we remain focused on delivering experience that matters via every interaction!

For customer authentication, it has developed Voice Biometric solution using industry standard engines. To help improve CC performance, it has developed multi-media agent client (TMAC). Tetherfi OCM suite of solutions is available as licenses that can be deployed as per customer’s transformation road map.

As a DevConnect partner with Avaya, Tetherfi’s OCM applications can be integrated with Avaya’s platform for building customer centric Omni channel contact center solution. Jayesh Pajwani, Director, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer of the company cites that “Our portfolio of service modules across consulting, innovation and professional services helps our customers realize their objectives and goals set forth in their customer experience and contact centre transformation initiatives. For instance, Silo’d multi channel to omni channel, contact centre optimisation, agent only service to inclusion of intelligent self-service, infrastructure consolidation and standardisation, DR and BCP strategies and others”. Tetherfi, working closely with Avaya, adds value to their partner in terms of improved win-probability, reduced sale cycles, larger LTV while ensuring success for their joint customers.

Tetherfi aspires to be a global partner of Avaya. Nayak says, “We want to expand deeper into Asia Pacific, Global Growth Markets, Europe and most importantly USA. Pajwani, who was an advisor to Tetherfi for last 2 years, joined the management team to drive transformation and growth agenda for the company”.

Jayesh Pajwani, Director, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer
Tetherfi prides itself of providing innovative contact center solutions in partnership with Avaya. “However, to stay ahead of competition, we have partnered with best-in-class analyst and research firm, we strive to be seen as an ‘trusted advisor’ to our clients, we look for opportunities to create innovative products, we are externalizing our success stories via our online assets, and most importantly delivering to promise and at times even exceeding it!” says, Pajwani.

“Focus on customer, innovations and value creation for all stakeholders is what drives us. Our tag-line ‘Making every interaction count’—ensures we remain focused on delivering experience that matters via every interaction!”– says Nayak.


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Vineeth Nayak, Founder & MD and Jayesh Pajwani, Director, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer

Communications provider with extensive experience in Voice, SMS, Email, Fax, Video & Chat communication channels with focus in enhancing ‘agent-service’ & ‘self-service’.