TextMarks: Making Communications Simple and Effective with SMS

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Dan Kamins, Co-Founder and CEO
Enterprise communications teams still entirely dependent on voice and email are likely missing out on the most reliable channel at their disposal — one always at the fingertips of customers and employees. SMS, what we all know as text messaging, boasts far superior open and response rates to email, making the ubiquitous smartphone technology a potential game-changer for businesses looking to break through the communications clutter.

TextMarks, based in Pasadena, CA, enables businesses to fully realize the potential of that simple yet powerful technology with a platform effectively integrating mass texting into omnichannel outreach.

“We provide very low-friction means for companies to communicate with employees and customers instantly,” says Dan Kamins, co-founder and CEO of TextMarks. “Because everybody sends and receives texts constantly, there’s simply no channel as effective as SMS in targeting a specific audience with a message that’s directly relevant to them.”

TextMarks has been at the forefront of the shift to SMS-based outreach for more than a decade — thousands of organizations depend on its service to drive internal communications, marketing, and lead generation.

Those capabilities have become more critical during a global pandemic that has hampered enterprise operations on all fronts; TextMarks is seeing a surge in adoption from organizations looking to serve personalized communications to a suddenly distributed workforce and homebound customer base. COVID-19 has highlighted the value of mass texting in ramping efficiency, productivity, workflow, as well as workforce morale. But the utility of the technology goes well beyond the current crisis.

In recent years, retail and services customers have come to expect up-to-the-minute updates tailored to their unique interests and concerns. And employees, especially the Gen Z and millennials, who now constitute the majority of the workforce, increasingly look to their employers to provide continual feedback, training and engagement.

TextMarks has been at the forefront of the shift to SMS-based outreach for more than a decade — thousands of organizations depend on its service to drive internal communications, marketing, and lead generation

For that reason, the solution is gaining unique traction with human resources departments that recognize the value of mass text messaging to facilitate updates, shift requests, staff schedule changes, building alerts, policy updates, training, safety protocols and employee feedback. By tapping into TextMark’s API-based platform, companies can establish an ‘employee-first’ culture that feeds back data offering valuable insights into workplace interactions.

The TextMarks’ team supports them through every step of the onboarding process, assigning a dedicated account manager and live support team for real-time assistance. And after onboarding, TextMarks takes care of all the heavy lifting in the background, including enforcing policy compliance to free clients from worrying about regulatory hiccups.

All users need to do to send messages is follow simple steps on an intuitive web-based dashboard that can be configured to send automated and scheduled messages during unexpected issues like server outages.

“TextMarks has a track record for its reliability,” Kamins says. “We never go down, and our customers appreciate the fact that they never have to worry whether an important message they sent out will get delivered or not,” he concludes.


Pasadena, CA

Dan Kamins, Co-Founder and CEO

TextMarks is a mass text messaging service provider that enables enterprises to reap its full benefits. TextMarks enhances enterprise communication with its intuitive and easy to roll out services. The company has been one of the frontrunners in the domain for more than a decade, with over thousands of enterprises availing their service for internal communication, marketing, and lead generation. TextMarks’ API-based robust communication dashboard allows users to improve the efficiency, productivity, workflow, and morale of their workforce by integrating text messages into the omnichannel communications of an enterprise