Textmunication [OTC: TXHD]: Engaging Members through Smart Messaging

Wais Asefi, CEO
Enter a health and fitness club, and a message is instantly delivered to the visitor’s mobile device thanking him/her for visiting the club. As they leave the venue, another message hits their phone offering them free coupons for using the fitness center for the next few days. Once enrolled for a service, reminders about a personal fitness trainer appointment, billing reminders and discount-related information are sent to the user instantly. A “Happy Birthday” message will definitely bring a smile on the user’s face on his/her birthday. With Textmunication, a health and fitness club can deliver all these experiences and much more. A fitness club will not only engage their audience, but also continuously communicate with them automatically providing strong retention and member loyalty. “With the ability to send millions of text messages per day, we help health and fitness clubs be at the cutting-edge of customer engagement helping them gain revenues and increase their ROI,” says Wais Asefi, CEO, Textmunication.

On average, the company’s clients have improved revenue collection by 16 percent through SMS billing alerts. Since Textmunication creates intelligent data for the health and fitness market, clients can create customized campaigns attracting new members and retaining existing customers through text-based mobile communication. At the heart of Textmunication is their new unique platform named “Smart Automated Messaging” (SAM). Built on the latest SMS mobile marketing technology, SAM processes real-time data by delivering key insights to the clubs making it the only automated SMS solution in the industry. Collaborating with all the major Club Management Software (CMS) companies in the U.S., SAM is driving marketing and customer engagement campaigns to thousands of clubs across the U.S. and Canada. Asefi explains, “As software firms manage the backend software of every fitness center in the country, our strategic partnerships with them allow us to integrate their member data into our platform using APIs creating customized campaigns”.

The company is expanding partnerships with several more CMS companies throughout 2018 allowing them to engage with most fitness clubs in North America. Besides providing APIs, Textmunication can be accessed as a standalone system or as a white label solution.

With the ability to send millions of text messages per day, we help health and fitness clubs be at the cutting-edge of customer engagement helping them grow revenues and increase their ROI

Several CMS companies use SAM as their own technology powered by Textmunication’s white label solution. The fitness centers using SAM have accurate information on the number of messages delivered to the users through several dashboard reporting tools. Textmunication is excited about implementing predictive analytics into its solution allowing health clubs to predict the best time to send the notification based on real-time data. “Textmunication is not created in a vacuum, but built out of the partnerships with health and fitness industry veterans who helped design our software,” highlights Asefi. Textmunication strictly adheres to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) making it a compliant and non-intrusive solution for a health and fitness club of any size.

Textmunication assisted Crunch Fitness—a franchise group operating nine locations in the east coast—as they looked for creative methods to increase membership sales at each of their locations. Their promotion was “zero dollar enrollments” for a membership. The call to action was to receive a text promo code, book an appointment and show the text in-person. With Textmunication’s mobile messaging solution, Crunch Fitness was able to enroll almost 700 new members in a single day— with an average of $15 subscription fee and gross revenue of over $10,000.

Textmunication is testing a new two-way interaction service called Rich Communication Services (RCS)—the evolution of SMS Text Messaging—on its new SAM software platform. With RCS, users can now embed videos, multimedia and rich images previously not possible with the current SMS mobile marketing technology.


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Wais Asefi, CEO

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