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CIO VendorAnthony Cennami, SVP
A company in its early stage of establishment requires three elements to work in harmony in order to assure a successful start and thriving future. A technological infrastructure to streamline the company’s amenity, finance to buy the technology and support the daily operations, and being ahead of the competition. In today’s industrial landscape, technology doesn’t come cheap. There are a profusion of companies across the world that confer IT and outsourcing services, but a startup company, or small and medium sized companies fails to afford the overprice tag of these resources. Also, the delivery process these given solutions undergo through, consumes a significant amount of time before reaching to the clients which again is a barricade for startups as they demand to alight their services in the market in the shortest possible time frame. This is where Wayne, NJ, based Thapovan Info Systems Inc. comes to fill the void.

Thapovan Info Systems was founded in 2003 as an IT consulting and offshore software development company with a mission to proffer commendable solutions to startups, and medium industries that are unable to afford the services of top IT firms of current era. In this light, the company has brought the best in-class off-shoring and IT services at the doorstep of their clients, allowing them to leverage the eminence of latest technologies at cost effective means without compromising on the quality of the services. Vaidyanathan, President and CEO, at Thapovan, ensure company’s clients that their demands will be met in the choice of their time period. “We take immense pride in our excellent technical team who possess proficiency in diverse set of technologies that can develop various enterprise applications,” explains Vaidyanathan.
He further adds, “At Thapovan, we work on the concept of lean management to emphasis on just-in-time delivery, which enables us to use our workforce at 100 percent optimization level.” Currently the company has upheld its focus in clients from financial, social networking, E-Retailing, Healthcare, and Insurance pharmaceutical industry, government and insurance industries.

At Thapovan, we work on the concept of lean management to emphasis on just-in-time delivery

Raising the Bar

Thapovan Info Systems has centralized its main focus in bringing the most innovative products for the Healthcare industry by harnessing the amenities of Big Data, Cloud and Mobility. The company is already on a verge to introduce their product that will allow patients to communicate with their doctors, and garner the information regarding their health without actually going to their clinic. The patients will be able to convey their health report to their families residing in other state or country, and also share their experience with the society. The data and insight that will be gathered from the network of numerous patients will assist pharmaceutical, government and insurance industry to come up with the better ways to treat and serve the individuals. With this Thapovan intends to keep raising the bar for themselves and others around them and keep rendering the world-class services to the clients at the lowest cost possible.

Thapovan Info Systems

Wayne NJ, New York

Anthony Cennami, SVP

Thapovan is an IT consulting and offshore software development company that specializes in providing e-business solutions to the enterprises world over