Thatcher Technology Group: Strengthening Enterprise Management Framework

Dave Siembieda, President
Companies worldwide strive to leverage retrospective reporting to predict future performance. Enterprise performance management strategies are progressing rapidly by employing capabilities that glean actionable insights from data obtained via different sources. However, more often than not, churning out meaningful information from a large dataset, which makes sense to everyone in an organization, is extremely cumbersome. Additionally, ease of use is another grey area that hinders the process of data aggregation and analysis. Thatcher Technology Group alleviates these problems with its sales force performance management solution. The Naperville-based firm offers companies with widely dispersed sales organizations the ability to maximize sales force productivity by providing services and technology that empowers individuals, teams and organizations to achieve objectives quickly and with minimal effort. “More for less is today’s reality. Our objective is to equip organizations with a suite of solutions that allows them to do more with less effort,” says Dave Siembieda, President of Thatcher Technology Group.

Thatcher Technology Group’s sales performance management solutions suite Prowess offers a panoramic view of the firm’s ‘More for less’ approach. This turnkey solution is embedded with an all-encompassing CRM platform that assists organizations in handling customers, sales representatives and even employees. The platform provides tailored communication and functionality thereby building long-term partnerships along the way. Furthermore, Prowess is also equipped with an e-commerce platform that houses robust discounting, offers, and promotion engines giving e-commerce companies the capability to attract more customers, thereby increasing their website traffic and revenue. In addition, Thatcher Technology Group’s message-based APIs Prowess Elements allows organizations to connect their company’s applications, data and devices to the Prowess ecosystem to reap maximum benefits.
“The prime objective of Prowess’ extensive analytics package is to mine and capture attributes about customers, representatives, and organizations spanning geographies in order to aggregate mission-critical business data and offer it to the organizations, allowing them to make informed decisions,” Siembieda adds.

The turnkey Prowess suite of solutions is perfectly complemented by the company’s onboarding process that consists of identifying obstacles that Thatcher Technology Group’s customers face and devising ways to mitigate them through Prowess. Once the customer is onboard, Thatcher Technology Group carries out a customer tailored implementation methodology that focuses on the key strategic and tactical areas that must be addressed to maximize the customer’s return on investment while minimizing their business risk to ensure successful completion of a project. Additionally, the firm’s client care group offers day to day support, negating any roadblocks that may arise.

In order to gain a better perspective about Prowess, Siembieda shares a success story of Thatcher Technology Group’s one of the key clients. The client company reeled under legacy systems–leading to financial losses and diminishing efficiency– before migrating to the Prowess ecosystem. Following the implementation, the productivity of the company skyrocketed, resulting in an upward spike in revenue. In addition, the Prowess implementation was carried out by leveraging Prowess Elements, which allowed the organization to retain the current user interface, thereby reducing training time for its employees.

Founded in 1999 to serve the direct selling space, Thatcher Technology Group has come a long way and currently houses a robust enterprise management platform that allows organizations to leapfrog from their infancy to establishing a global presence. In the upcoming years, the firm envisions strengthening the Prowess suite of solutions to accommodate more functionality and capabilities. Furthermore, Thatcher Technology Group continues to make their product portfolio easier to use and accessible from anywhere, at anytime on any device thereby enhancing its value and minimizing the enterprise performance management efforts.

Thatcher Technology Group

Naperville, IL

Dave Siembieda, President

Thatcher provides solutions for companies with widely dispersed sales organizations to maximize sales force productivity

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