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In the year 1994, when technology was still at a nascent stage, two technology enthusiasts, Reuben Levine and Richard Chung, joined hands to develop a communication and collaboration platform for Chase Manhattan Bank amid its massive consolidation with Chemical Bank and Manufacturers. Once implemented, their platform allowed a seamless interaction between top-level executives and employees, as they consolidated 32 global lines of business and met Wall Street’s expectations by way of cost savings. However, that wasn’t the end of the duo’s association; it lasted much longer, and they later reunited to start their own company, StringBean Technologies.

Established in 2016, StringBean introduced a flexible and portable cloud-based platform to optimize the workflows and digitize monotonous processes that make up the complex universe of Facility Management. “We have introduced a technology that brings the best possible features on phones, tablets, and web. It is offered in such a manner that businesses are not required to carry out heavy technological development to make it relevant for particular Use Cases,” begins Reuben Levine, founder and managing partner of StringBean Technologies. The firm’s competence lies in innovating with the subject matter experts in client organizations, enabling them to create content inside its platform and improving their standard operating procedures.

The StringBean platform caters largely to the real estate facility management industry and reduces the manual effort they invest in processing numerous work orders created in a day. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the platform assists building owners in automatically generating documents, reports, and logbooks related to a specific property and abiding by the safety and code regulations to avoid compliance violations. Building owners can easily implement the platform without obtaining any specialized training or technical expertise, which makes it a go-to solution for them.

Drawing on Chung’s technical expertise and Levine’s business acumen, StringBean enables businesses to aggregate point solutions that commonly fix one particular problem, and in doing so, aggregate data across the enterprise that provides real time human capital, machine learning, and operational intelligence.

Today, real estate operators seek to adopt a unified platform to manage their demanding infrastructure requirements. Our platform fulfils that need with flexibility and ease-of-use

“Today, real estate operators seek to adopt a unified platform to manage their demanding infrastructure requirements. Our platform fulfils that need with flexibility and ease-of-use, making it really different in the market,” adds Levine.

Considering the fact that property owners often need to deal with a sea of information gathered through their facility/building management systems, StringBean empowers them to consume such data and act on it efficiently. It also allows them to manage the massive amount of environmental changes at play, such as humidity, temperature, and air pressure through their facility management systems to immediately guide and dispatch work efficiently to the facility management staff. These are all important factors for creating a safe and stable property environment, while saving money on operating costs and fines resulting from code violations.

These capabilities proved significant for a Manhattan-based commercial real estate owner in aggregating numerous point solutions and providing portfolio wide visibility and work validation. The client owns several Commercial high rises, high-end retail mall with 150 tenants and a state-of-the-art CoGen plant. They relied on over 100 different applications to maintain and supervise their properties. StringBean is helping them aggregate over a dozen point solutions into their platform, unleashing a data store that helps them leverage AI to be responsive and prioritize workload. “Our solution is built for enterprise. It has the fine-grained security models that support any hierarchical structures. Our system also has many built-in features such as scheduling with calendar view, chatting, graphical workflow builder, Desktop SR, workflow life-cycle management, and much more. All features are customizable and expandable. The end goal is not only to reduce the administrative burden but also the errors in filing, time saving, and logging the property-related documents,” explains Richard Chung, CTO of StringBean Technologies.

Since its inception, StringBean has always focused on connecting tenants, building resources and vendors, simplifying their work processes and enabling them to work effectively in partnership and as a business community. StringBean has consequently experienced exponential growth in the facility management space. Besides real estate, the company also caters to organizations in waste management, manufacturing, infrastructure, government, healthcare, and insurance industries to create a collaborative environment for employees. “We envision automating business workflows that are crucial for every enterprise. With StringBean, decision makers across organizations can remain focussed on being effective managers, ensure quality service, and deploy these changes quickly and painlessly,” concludes Levine.

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