The Asset Guardian (TAG): Simple yet Powerful Asset Maintenance Tool

Harold Beaulieu
Reducing all forms of inefficiency and maximizing the use of assets, today, maintenance management is largely becoming a part of ERP system. In the new IT world, companies needs integrated maintenance management tools to gain better insight and enterprise-wide access to maintenance data. This is where The Asset Guardian or TAG’s Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) comes in. With perfect integration/ embedded solution into Microsoft Dynamics, TAG reduces maintenance and repair cost—by preventing emergency repairs, reducing unnecessary spare parts inventory, and improving the use of labor resources— and supports financial assets and work order capability. The software allows companies to plan, create, manage, and optimize orders and net requirements. It has the capability to carry out standard cost calculations and bill of materials.

“TAG is perfectly embedded in Microsoft Dynamics. The integration is simplified, rapid, and customers can leverage their Microsoft Dynamics investment,” says Harold Beaulieu, VP Sales and Marketing, The Asset Guardian (TAG). As an ERP software, Microsoft Dynamics gains greater control across supply chain and asset management operations. With high level of customization, TAG maintenance management solution in Microsoft Dynamic is an all-in-one user-friendly solution that can address all maintenance management needs. “TAG software has an intuitive interface, making it easy-to-use and -deploy. Our solution provides fully integrated and accessible information, affording you visibility at every level.”

Apart from gaining real-time information across business operations, the solution controls installed and uninstalled equipments from an operational and financial view. It also ensures regulatory compliance by consistently including safety and precautionary steps in work order procedures. “TAG maintenance system provides an agile and simple solution for companies that want to increase the efficiency and availability of their internal assets and equipment,” explains Beaulieu.

Being Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CFMD), TAG’s services are all based on Microsoft Dynamics. TAG’s preventive maintenance management reduces the need for corrective maintenance and ensures that the operational facilities are up and running. It also allows companies to handle fault monitoring and perform data metering and trigger dates. It monitors conditions and generates alerts.

The Asset Guardian (TAG) is perfectly embedded in Microsoft Dynamics. The integration is simplified, rapid, and customers can leverage their Microsoft Dynamics investment

Besides delivering high-quality asset and equipment management, TAG’s software allows companies to define every equipment hierarchy according to their maintenance needs and practices. Also, with labor management in TAG, companies can track information about the personnel in charge of inspecting, maintaining, and repairing the equipment in their facility. Along with TAG’s areas of specialties, as a part of improving a facility’s overall efficiency, the custom reports in TAG provides all the historical data needed to make better decisions—including work orders, equipment, personnel, consumables, and open settlement protocols.

Additionally, TAG provides a user-friendly mobile version of CMMS. With its mobile interface, the customers can visualize, update, and close their work orders from anywhere at any time. It also allows customers to access critical information relating to assets and preventive maintenance at the tip of their fingers.

TAG’s customers are able to shorten times, reduce the storage of excess stock, and support continual improvement through the use of desktops, events and rules to visualize, plan, and execute work.

Focusing strongly on simplicity, integration—into Microsoft Dynamics, mobility, and control, TAG incorporates the latest tech-trends to tackle all maintenance management needs in the market. Moving ahead, TAG is making provisions to expand their footprint in Europe and, in a few years, in Asia. “We are planning to work with European Microsoft Partners to better serve our clients in the market,” concludes Beaulieu.

The Asset Guardian

Quebec, Canada

Harold Beaulieu

Powerful asset maintenance add-on for Microsoft Dynamics that manages costs, personnel, schedules, work orders and inventory

The Asset Guardian