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Greg Callen, Executive Vice President
As new technology continues to significantly impact nearly every market, businesses must be agile and open minded in order to successfully respond to changing market conditions. As a government contracting company that has delivered traditional IT services for nearly 27 years, Daston fully understands that following the same path too often puts their survival in jeopardy. “In 2008, we decided to change our focus by adding cutting-edge technology products and solutions such as Oracle/ NetSuite, Google, Cisco and others. The result was the transformation of Daston’s business,” remarks Greg Callen, Executive Vice President of Daston.

As a federal contractor, Daston is required to comply with regulations defined by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). “Regulatory compliance is a major challenge faced by federal contractors,” Callen points out. “They are also required to meet the government’s cost accounting standards,” he adds. This led to Daston teaming with NetSuite to build an application and creating a cloud-based DCAA compliant ERP for federal contractors. This fully customizable solution is the most compelling application in the industry for DCAA compliance. “Daston’s DCAA-On-Demand application, built for government contractors by a government contractor, enables them to comply with federal regulatory requirements,” says Callen. Federal contractors who fail to meet these DCAA requirements may be sanctioned and face the risk of losing contracts and may be precluded from doing business with the government.

Daston’s DCAA-On-Demand application consists of fully integrated modules such as DCAA compliant time entry, payroll cost allocation, indirect cost allocation, job costing, accounts payable, revenue calculation, and project status reports.

Daston’s DCAA-On-Demand application, built for government contractors by a government contractor, enables them to comply with federal regulatory requirements

Daston’s SuiteApp provides a seamless experience to the end user with the modules appearing on the dashboard of NetSuite’s ERP. Alongside DCAA regulatory compliance, Daston's solution improves visibility, efficiency, and profitability while mitigating risks. In addition to providing the best-of-breed cloud solutions, Daston’s services include implementation, delivery, support, migration of data and applications from “on premise” to the cloud, as well as encryption and other security services.

Daston’s partnership with Oracle/NetSuite ensures that the products are fully tested and certified and are regularly upgraded for both new technology as well as changing regulation. The Netsuite DCAA-On-Demand cloud based ERP has a fixed one-time set up and training cost and an annual subscription. Daston has many satisfied clients who greatly benefit from the system.

The Daston team works closely with existing and new clients to enhance the product and add new applications. All of these improvements are available to Daston’s entire client base

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Greg Callen, Executive Vice President

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