The-Data-Pros.NET: Leveraging Cloud to Sponsor IT Outsourcing, Managed Services and Hosted VoIP

Joseph A. Simuro, Founder & CEO
After serving the IT space as a business leader and being associated with some of the largest system integrators in the VAR 500 for more than two decades, Joseph A. Simuro set his sights firmly on the cloud computing space. Though cloud was just an emerging technology at that time, Simuro spotted a chance and earned expertise around the cloud, specifically on how to migrate, monitor and maintain cloud environments. The result was The-Data-Pros.NET—an IT outsourcing and managed services provider focused on helping companies with their cloud adoption.

The-Data-Pros specialize in the administrative services that run cloud based computing platforms. Consider the example of Microsoft Office 365. “The-Data-Pros perform all the life-cycle elements for Office 365, from provisioning to support. But provisioning and configuration is just half of the solution,” says Simuro. “The second half of that equation is ongoing support and maintenance of that solution,” he adds. Physically, the clients migrate to the cloud to free up the resources and perform more important actions for their business. At the time when they physically move the equipment out, they also like to offload the process of managing and maintaining it, and that is where The-Data-Pros come in. The company supports all the products that Microsoft offers in the cloud, from Office 365, to the SharePoint platform and now Auzure. The-Data-Pros continuously monitors and manages the entire IT environment including network, infrastructure, applications and third-party vendors. It proactively manages service availability and performance, and in addition identifies and resolves technical problems before they adversely impact the business. The-Data-Pros team applies Lean Six Sigma process with I.T.I.L guidelines and best practices to standardize systems, applications and networks, making it easier to manage. The end result is a more reliable technology environment at a predictable price.

“One thing that makes our solutions different from others is our subscription model that is identical to all the solutions that we sell,” says Simuro.The-Data-Pros sell its service as a subscription per user— the same way that the company is buying from Microsoft.

One thing that makes our solutions different from others is our subscription model that is identical to all the solutions that we sell

This creates a very scalable IT environment for the customer where they can purchase more IT computing power or downgrade the power based on their requirements. “There really are no other competitors in our area that package their service this way,” he claims. “Last year, we grew 10 percent on our top line, but our bottom line grew 35 percent. This will continue to happen as we concentrate more on growing our subscription services while maintaining a low fixed cost to our model, which is probably one of our secret sauce ingredients,” notes Simuro.

Another important differentiating factor of The-Data-Pros is its partner affiliation. Microsoft is their anchor partner and most of their solutions revolve around a Microsoft product. “The partnership goes beyond just signing up subscriptions. Our solutions involve a strong infrastructure and typically involve creating hi-speed internet circuits that we use to roll out the application platform that venders like Microsoft provide us,” he explains. The company also provides a Client Bill of Rights that offers a 100 percent money back guarantee on its services and helps clients understand their rights and privileges each time they sign a contract with Data-Pros, which is unique to the space.

Going forward, The-Data-Pros aims to create an IP cloud consortium, which allows them to perform prepackaging of solutions and virtualization of every client environment. The company is a big believer in partnering and has plans to leverage its partnerships to build white label solutions that are ‘data pros’ by design.


Lincroft, NJ

Joseph A. Simuro, Founder & CEO

IT outsourcing and managed services provider focused on helping small and mid market companies migrate to the Cloud