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John Bedwany, CEO
Bagging in-depth knowledge and over 30 years of valuable experience in the IT environment, John Bedwany, CEO of the Database Dept. says, “Businesses to achieve success through an efficient sprawl of customer reach and trust, need to deploy an advanced customer experience management (CEM) system that incorporates a ‘less communication and more business’ strategy” approach. Enterprises today spend a lot of time and resources on campaigns that reach the wrong audience with lesser chances of sales of a product or a service, ultimately resulting in business inefficiencies. To fill in the gap between marketing qualified leads and solid accepted opportunities along with a robust market coverage model, companies need a well-planned CEM. The NSW Australian based firm, the Database Dept. provides strategic growth vectors for companies to spot the right prospects, improve business with existing customers and furnish newer sales-ready opportunities. “Our CEM solution employs the conversion of marketing strategy that helps generate sale of product to customers,” says Bedwany.

The Authentic Relationship Management (ARM Business Platform), a unique solution offered by the firm, has helped large businesses like HPE, IBM, and SAP to improve customer relationships while reducing the cost of coverage. The solution features an outstanding capability in filtering customers with the most chances of buying a product or a service thereby saving sales executives’ valuable time and increasing selling time. The process is done through strategic segmentation where the best buyers are selected based on the nature of all interactions with them. “The process is fast, as it is the software that gives the algorithm based on the ARM Journey which shows the nature of companies, what their needs are, and how soon they want a product,” explains Bedwany. Adding to this he said “The solution statistics enable the clients to measure the strategic market management results of all the interactions an organization made.”

The Database Dept.’s WebONE, an integrated marketing database, provides insights into the overall marketing process of a company, displaying valuable details like leads produced, leads that resulted in sales opportunities as well as its contribution to the total revenue. The solution eliminates ineffective marketing attempts empowering enterprises to deploy clear and unambiguous communication to the right prospect at the right time to help save campaign cost and protect Brands.

Our CEM (ARM Business Platform) reduces cost of coverage, builds pipeline, builds future pipeline, secures market research, provides peer to peer challenger selling benchmarking, delivers thought leadership, manifests relationships and builds trust with decision makers all through a single go to market approach

“WebONE enables real time insights into every detail of a company’s interaction including all conversations and education shared, along with their business and IT requirements. It also provides information about a company’s purchasing plans,” adds the CEO.

In one instance, a leading global IT company was struggling with the lack of effective coverage in the sales territories assigned and the consistent quality sales pipeline. The client had no access to mission critical information like the purchasing capability of enterprises in the assigned territories, the chances of a successful deal, and the actual revenue that would be generated. Deploying the Database Dept.’s solution, the IT company was able to identify target customers and market insights which enabled them to employ the best marketing and sales strategies and gain better results.

The Database Dept. has been successfully serving organizations with its unique CEM solutions for more than a decade and will be continuously investing to improve their offerings. “We have got a five year global expansion plan that targets top IT companies in the US and European markets as well,” concludes Bedwany.

the Database Dept

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John Bedwany, CEO

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