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Carl Dymond, CEO
In today’s volatile markets and uncertain geopolitical conditions, business leaders face multiple hurdles when developing futuristic products and services with automation and sustainability at their core. To nurture innovation profitably, companies need support in an end-to-end manner, from innovation planning to design to engineering through execution and management. Enter The Dymond Group of Companies – a global provider of turnkey solutions and services in cybersecurity, aerospace, health, intelligence, and risk management. Founded in 2016, the company has helped several government agencies and enterprises with smart solutions and comprehensive services that have drastically improved the lives of several communities globally. “We do our homework and work with the clients’ teams in a microenvironment so that our clients can demonstrate high efficiency, cost-saving, and safety to their customers,” says Carl Dymond, CEO of The Dymond Group.

Carl Dymond is a Canadian military intelligence veteran with 18 years of experience in the areas of intelligence, operational planning, and management, and he applies this expertise to help organizations operate in a challenging environment. He leads the team at The Dymond Group to focus on incubation, project scoping, development of tech startups, and helping innovative minds bring their ideas to fruition. The team’s onshore and near-shore manufacturing services backed by a distributed infrastructure deliver high value for clients in expedited business setup, seamless execution, high efficiency, cybersecurity, and end-user safety both domestically and internationally.

The Dymond Group uniquely caters to companies in aerospace, government, and healthcare—industries known to be rigorous and regulatory-intensive. The company has a streamlined approach to requirements definition, capability planning and development, project management, testing, release, and maintenance. From planning to design through manufacturing, The Dymond Group ensures transparency and quality in every level of solution delivery, guaranteeing high value. Using such a small team, the company overcomes the hurdles of bureaucracy by devising a quick procurement cycle of a few weeks instead of a year or more. Additionally, a regulatory-centric approach allows the company to offer multiple choices to its clients for solving crucial business problems.
Dymond builds short- and long-term strategies for the project’s various stages, including initial planning, collaboration, incubation, and execution. The company uses agile approaches to deliver onshore and near-shore services and manages a manufacturing setting with a distributed infrastructure with regional specialization for domestic and international markets.

What’s more, a team comprising self-motivated and highly skilled experts brings greater value to the company’s clients. Each day, the team gathers to express ideas and share fresh perspectives in an open, inclusive environment to create a better life for customers. Recently, one of the company’s new employees proposed a GPS locator for palliative care in case of an ankle sprain, an idea that the stakeholders have welcomed.

We dig deeper and work in a microenvironment, chasing a macro solution to the clients’ pressing problems

In another case study, a Canadian mining company incurred $3.93 per pound for aerial shipping by a UAV, i.e., 93,000 dollars for each flight, three times a week. The company’s decision-makers struggled to manage rising costs, falling pilot availability, and raging COVID-19 cases. The Dymond Group is helping this mining company overcome its operational roadblocks comprehensively. The Dymond Group is designing an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as part of the Hercules aircraft. This prospective utilitarian and air-propelled UAV will carry 85,000 pounds of cargo. Initial tests paint a positive picture of savings: 75 cents reduction per pound of cargo. That would mean the mining company will have to shelve out less than a dollar as opposed to $3.93 per shipment. This scenario is one example that demonstrates how the Dymond Group designs and delivers macro solutions while working in micro environments.

The Dymond Group of Companies

Ottawa, Ontario

Carl Dymond, CEO

The Dymond Group provides next generation solutions in terms of cybersecurity, aerospace, intelligence and risk management, helping global companies thrive in competitive markets

The Dymond Group Of Companies