F.P. Horak: A Self-serve Solution for Organizations

Tim Dust, President
Over the course of its storied 70-year history in Michigan, the name of the game for The F.P. Horak Company has been transformation. Time and again, it has adapted its businesses, to keep pace with technology and to seize new opportunities.

Today, its focus is on the twin service of supply chain management and B2B e-commerce–leveraging buying power and lowering costs–and full-service print and marketing. Together, they contribute directly to a stronger bottom line for companies, creating a lean and efficient enterprise.

“Our role is to augment an organization and create self-serve methods which improve and streamline marketing, purchasing, financial and other operations,” says Tim Dust, president of the company.

F.P. Horak has leveraged B2B e-commerce technology and its potential for clients. Its B2B e-commerce platform and supply chain solutions address key tasks, allowing clients the liberty of freeing themselves from repetitive tasks and focusing on strategic goals. F.P. Horak was among the earliest adopters of the cloud, taking its first step toward the emerging technology in 1997.

“We have since evolved into a platform-agnostic, distributed SaaS model,” says Dust. “We serve a gamut of companies, from large multinationals to local organizations and we have different tools for each.”

Dynamic pricing and on-demand fulfillment are key benefits of F.P. Horak’s solutions. In each case, it delivers based on performance analytics and customer trends.

“We take pride in creating a dynamic, flexible program that optimizes our clients costs and budgets,” says Dust. “We don’t want our clients to incur unnecessary costs related to inventory obsolescence or underutilization.”

At the other end of the spectrum is pricing, the importance of which has been underscored by a Gartner prediction: By 2018, 40 percent of B2B digital commerce sites will use price optimization algorithms and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) tools to deliver dynamic product pricing.

We take pride in creating a dynamic, flexible program that optimizes our clients costs and budgets

“Customized program pricing is already an inherent part of our offering,” says Dust.

Establishing its quest for innovative solutions, Dust cites the example of a client that struggled to manage costs and efficiency of an incentive program for its end users. The company ran a successful benefit program for marketing resellers, handing out free marketing dollars or points based on sales targets. But administering the program was a nightmare, with staff spending an inordinate amount of time on calculating benefits.

When F.P. Horak stepped in, it reviewed all the processes–particularly the manual ones–and accounting procedures. “We looked at it holistically, and put together an e-commerce platform that would take care of all the accounting,” Dust recalls. “We also set up marketing automation protocols with access to the resellers so that they could implement their own campaigns, within the broad scope laid out by the company,” Dust adds. The solution not only saved time and money, but also freed up the client’s staff for other strategic activities.

This year, F.P. Horak aims to expand beyond the print industry, and also envisions new internet strategies to add to its e-commerce strengths. Options include product catalog management, technology management solutions, etc., with the goal of creating and adding value and solving problems for organizations.

The F.P. Horak Company

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Tim Dust, President

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