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Rachid Alibrahimi, CEO
Often companies have little understanding of what digital transformation entails, especially in terms of execution. Technology leaders have underestimated what it takes to deliver on the promise of being a data-driven organization. California-based, The Good Data Factory, has always been pragmatic about solving the fundamental problems that enterprises face when they embark on their journey of becoming a data-driven organization. The company came into existence to bridge the gaps between the theory and practical reality over the complexity of today’s modern IT landscape, especially for not digital natives.

The company has mapped out the data journey for a typical organization since the technical spectrum is wide and varied in terms of data accessibility. The Good Data Factory implements its wide range of engineering expertise and know-how to discover the data from the multitude of either legacy or modern systems and extract and standardize the data to be consumed by either internal processes or as an external API. “We have mapped out the people, process, and technology elements and developed curriculum for training people based on those skills,” states Rachid Alibrahimi, CEO of The Good Data Factory.

The firm’s go-to-market strategy is based on four categories of services. Firstly, the company provides strategy consulting around AI, data engineering and data science. It performs a maturity assessment of an organization’s data landscape and crafts a purpose fit strategy for achieving a client’s business goals. The Good Data Factory considers the level of maturity of its client’s technology capabilities and delivers an execution roadmap. The client can opt to execute the roadmap if their internal team is capable enough, or they can either choose The Good Data Factory or hire a third party.

Secondly, the firm provides AI and data science capability delivery wherein it accounts for a whole project end-to-end and delivers it for a customer. For instance, The Good Data Factory delivered a specific AI model or algorithm for a retailer dealing with data gaps and trying to figure out its customer’s lifetime value based on their transactional data. The Good Data Factory assisted its client from scratch by conducting interviews with the key stakeholders and formalizing the requirements for this lifetime value of a customer. The firm validated its refined design with the client and implemented it into production.

Moreover, The Good Data Factory solved the toughest data science problem for its client.
It created a unified view of a consumer having distributed identity across various social media, e-commerce and CRM platforms and stitched all the interactions together to prevent a fragmented experience with the brand. The client’s team could not crack it as they struggled to solve the problem with a deterministic approach, while The Good Data Factory solved the problem with a probabilistic approach. “What sets us apart as a unique organization is that we solve fundamental problems which very few companies have the skills to tackle,” states Mr.Alibrahimi.

What sets us apart as a unique organization is that we solve fundamental problems which very few companies have the skills to tackle

Because of its innovative approach, The Good Data Factory provides an offering which it terms as an AI innovation lab where the company collaborates with clients to identify opportunities for innovation within the business and incubates those ideas and delivers proof of concepts or minimal viable products. Finally, The Good Data Factory aids clients with team strengthening, where it assesses an organization in terms of their AI capabilities, algorithmic skills, data engineering, and data science. Based on the assessment, the firm creates a roadmap to upscale its client’s team and brings in its data scientists to serve as mentors.

The Good Data Factory has built a tremendous reputation in the industry through excellent word of mouth and actively participating in the community. The company has initiated an R&D team to create platforms that speed up engagements with its customers and offer industry or domain-specific solutions. The firm has achieved significant progress in natural language processing, and it can map any data linguistically and train the models on the particular domain data. The Good Data Factory is working with a telecom operator utilizing this NLP platform to perform all sorts of social media dataanalyses, ranging from sentiment analysis to intent inference. Moreover, The Good Data Factory is developing a platform for video processing that can capture video streams in retail spaces and perform store analytics. A retailer has already observed excellent results with this pilot project, and The Good Data Factory plans to go live soon with them. “These two solutions take us into a different space, not just being a service provider, but also becoming a solution provider,” concludes Mr.Alibrahimi.

The Good Data Factory

Walnut Creek, CA

Rachid Alibrahimi, CEO

The Good Data Factory serves as a strategic data scienceand AI partner to its clients, from startups to large corporations, either having an in-house team of datascientists or not, and it helps them to effectively shape their business strategies and create a sustainable competitive advantage in the digital and experience economy

The Good Data Factory